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10 Pins on Pintrest in 2013

Pintrest was launched in 2010 and now has over 70m users of which 80% are women.

Pinterest, a highly visual medium, gives businesses a chance to catch the eye of consumers with compelling images and colorful infographics that promote deals and new products.

The ability for your pin to be re-pined to many other users boards gives Pintrest it’s viral nature.

Pintrest published their 600 top pins of 2013 and below are just 10 of them from different categories.  Included are the number of re-pins for each one.


From the cars board this one almost made it to 500


This picture of JFK in Mexico was re-pinned almost 1000 times.


Men’s Fashion

From the men’s fashion board with a mere 840 re-pins.


Women’s Fashion

From the Women’s fashion section this one had over 3,700 re-pins.  You can tell the dominance of women on Pintrest given the number of re-pins for women’s fashion compared to the Men’s Fashion re-pinning rate.



This nail picture from the Beauty section had almost 2,300 re-pins.  This section has high re-pins with some in excess of 5,000 re-pins.  Again, this shows the dominance of women on Pintrest.



Some of the most popular Animal Pins of 2013.  This one received over 4000 re-pins.


Party Times

From the  most popular Food Pins of 2013, this one has been re-pined almost 10,000 times.



From the travel board, this one from Cape Town received almost 2,600 re-pins.



This is a cool piece of technology for you Apple geeks.  This one received almost 2,000 re-pins.


Home Decor

This one got almost 4,000 re-pins from the home decor section.  It is a bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year, 2012

I hope you enjoyed this little journey through Pintrest of 2013.  To see more  you can visit my top pins of 2013 board or visit the Pintrest Top pins of 2013.

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