17 LinkedIn Must Haves

How is your LinkedIn profile? Have you looked at it recently?

Don’t worry you are not alone, only 42% of people update their LinkedIn profile regularly.  So if haven’t done yours, you are in the majority!  Here are some elements you should consider when you review your LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn Business Card

The first part of your LinkedIn profile is the Business Card which shows at the top of your business profile.

This has important items like your picture, your name and a brief description of your position or job.

Make sure your profile picture is a professional picture.  LinkedIn is a professional network and you want to look that way.

Your professional headline is 110 characters long, make sure you use them all and make them count.  You want to encourage visitors to find out more about you.

By default your profile URL is generated by LinkedIn.  You can customize this to be your name if it is available.  Here is mine as an example


[ois skin=”LinkedIn”]

Be Active

Like any social media platform you need to be active on LinkedIn and share updates that are thoughtful and educational.  Share insights and news on your industry.

Build on your LinkedIn Headline

Your summary should build on your headline.  It should convince the visitor they need to be talking to you.  Make sure you have a good summary, key areas of expertise and keywords can also help your profile be found.


Don’t neglect your endorsements, it can improve how you are found in searches.  There have been over 10 Billion endorsements given since this feature was launched.  The average is only 5 endorsements per user.  This means you can easily stand out above the average.

Join LinkedIn Groups

81% of users belong to at least one group.  There are more than 200 million conversations happening every minute on the platform.

By being part of LinkedIn groups you will have the opportunity to take part in the discussions and use the group messaging features which helps you get more connections.



Published by MarketMeSuite working with Maximize Social Business.com’s Neal Schaffer.

What About You?

How are you increasing your LinkedIn connections? What has been your most effective tactic? If you are new to LinkedIn what do you like best about the platform?

Look forward to your insights and feedback on LinkedIn in the comments below.

5 Replies to “17 LinkedIn Must Haves”

  1. These were valuable tips! I rarely update my profile on linkedin, just did it a month back after almost an year. But to me its a valuable networking platforms especially with potential recruiters or clients who would connect with me for professional reasons.Thanks for the share.

  2. Hey Andy

    Gosh! LinkedIn is like that grouchy mother-in-law who is hard to tame 😉 hehehehe

    BUT I stop by every so often. I am going to get more serious about it soon since my new website is in-the-making. I want to create an integrated social media presence after its launch, and LinkedIn – as much as it intimidates me – is also VERY important 😉

    THANK YOU for sharing these useful tips and that amazing Infograph! #HUGSSS

    BEST wishes

  3. Nice infographic! I use these tips. Keywords are really important for getting found on LinkedIn, I think. The best way I’ve found for increasing connections, though, is to just connect with people I know from groups and other places online. It’s good to send a personalized connection request (not the canned one LinkedIn uses automatically).

  4. Sadly I have not done much with my Linkedin account. I really need to get over there and get my account in order. I hear many people finding it such a useful place (including posts by you Andy), and it seems to be growing bigger every day.

    Sure appreciate the tips, it’s going to help me get my account uo to par 🙂

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