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4 Great Tools to Help You with Your Social Media Images

So there is always that challenge with Social Media , what pictures to post.  We all know with any Social Media Marketing plan how posting quality pictures is so very important.

So where do you get these picture and how do you put those clever and witty pieces of text on them?

You can go buy photoshop and learn how to use that software, then you have everything covered, Right?

There are easier and cheaper ways of achieving this.  So below I have covered 4 tools that can be used to do most of what you might need, all for Free.

PicMonkey Image Editor

Picmonkey is a free tool and on-line photo editor.  Pickmonkey takes your images from good to glorious with a heaping load of fun. It’s photo editing for people who have a ton of creativity but no time for learning software.

It allows you to manipulate the image as well as adding text to the images, or putting Watermarks on.

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I like this one as you can take any quote and have the quote with its own image and separate yourself from the crowd. So to quote Quozio:

Quozio turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds. Then share ’em on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more!

An example of what you can do is shown to the right here.


Imgur is a Website that allows you to build Memes from a set of standard images or upload your own images. You can then add text at top and bottom.

That is your meme created.  You can then share or download the image, that Simple.


You have seen those Keep Calm images all across the social media environment. Keep Calm-o-Matic is a website that allows you to produce those Keep Calm images.

You can select your own text, color, background and image at the top of the poster.  You can then download the image in various size formats.  You can also download posters that others have created.

All that for free, but they will offer to sell you your poster on a T-Shirts or a mug!

Conclusion on Image Creation

Check these tools out and give them a try.  These tools are simply easy to use and of course FREE. It will make your life on social media much easier.

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