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5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

This article gives you 5 Big Mistakes on Instagram that are often made.

Instagram achieves one of the highest engagements rates of all the social media channels but these are some of the things you really shouldn’t do.

Of course this assumes you want to market on Instagram and are not just using to post photo’s of the dog.

Mistakes on Instagram

This list of Mistakes on Instagram is not exhaustive but I do consider them to be the BIG ones.  So read on.

Lets start at the beginning.

Use a Meaningful Username

If you are serious about marketing using Instagram you need a username that is meaning full like your name or your business name if you can get it.  You want it to be easy to find.  Always a good suggestion is to use your Twitter username.  Mine is slightly different as I could get the same username.

My twitter handle is @andrewrlockhart

and my Instagram username is @andyrlockhart

Don’t Set your account to private

On Instagram you can set your account to be private.  If you are going to market on Instagram your account must be public or else nobody is going to see your stuff!

Post Photos One After AnotherThis5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

I have heard one school of thought that says you shouldn’t post more than once a day.  That is simply not true.

When you post you need to leave time for your photo or video to be seen and interacted with.  If you want more engagement you need to leave at least an hour or so between posts.

Ignoring Your Followers Comments

You ignore your followers comments at your peril.

You ignore the comments you are ignoring your business.

As people comment on your posts you need to respond and grow the dialogue.  This is all about building the know like and trust factor.

When you do respond make sure you use @theirusername in the comment so they see you have responded in their notifications.

This will definitely help grow your engagement.

Buying Followers

Just like any social media channel, buying followers is a disaster.  You will get comments on your photo’s of people offering you followers for a price.  Don’t go there!

Spend your time building a following of people who will be interested in what you have to say.  Then you will get people who will Like and Comment on your photos.

Which leads to building that all important relationship.

Over to you

I hope you found this article on 5 Big Mistakes on Instagram useful and make sure you don’t ignore them.

Please don’t buy followers!

If you would like to see my Instagram feed you can see it by Clicking Here

Please leave a comment below and share on social media so other can benefit.

By Andy Lockhart

I am a marketer and social media consultant passionate about helping people development themselves and their business. I believe everybody has it in them to succeed at their passion regardless if that is through a Direct Sales Opportunity or a brick and mortar business. Either way I love to see people be successful and I like to take the mystery out of the social media and getting discovered on the internet.

25 replies on “5 Big Mistakes on Instagram”

Hi Andy,

Although I do have an Instagram account, I am not active on it. I know it is the hottest way to get our messages across these days. These 5 mistakes sure helped me out. I’m interested in instagram, but do need to take action.

I saved this one on my Evernote. I do have a few good articles and this being one of them saved there so when I get the time, I can jump into this platform and not blunder.

Thanks so much,


I’m just researching Instagram so I can start an account, and these are great basics that will help me. The reminder about engaging others makes lots of sense, obviously you won’t get anywhere if you don’t start a conversation with people. Thanks for the reminder as well about not “buying” followers – apparently there will be enough out there if you do things right!

Hey Andy,

thank you for the short guide on Instagram don’t,

Generally, flooding isn’t great for any social site, however since all of it is microblogging and it’s quick – and people do check their cell phones multiple times, keeping a 4 to 8 hours gap during updates are usually good.

One simply can’t ignore comments, that is the foundation of building a conversion, a connection. Comments should be seen as opportunities to conect and grow.

Buying followers. They still do that? I don’t think there is any benefit of buying bots, as that is all they can get that way.

Thanks for the insight on instagram, I’m not really there yet but good points for social media in general. Especially the commenting back to your audience. This is why your online in the first place so don’t ignore the people engaging in your stuff. Thanks again.

Hi Andy, I’m fairly new to Instagram, so these tips are helpful. I definitely
don’t check it enough, so I will have to see if I’m neglecting anyone with
replies. Thanks for sharing.

Nice tips Andy!

It’s quite a new platform for me and I am feeling my way, so It’s good to hear the things not to do and how to set up.

Replying to comments is key… it is so easy to hit a like button, but anyone leaving a comment definitely deserves a reply, as you say… ignoring a comment is ignoring your business!

Thanks 🙂


Great tips for instagram. I don’t use it often but the Periscope I intend to use it more. Connect with me on Periscope if you on live broadcast daily for me @dreamtripscda same as twitter.
Have a great week

Hi Andy
Those mistakes are the types of things you need to avoid on almost any social media. People always forget that social is social.

Good tips and when I finally figure out how to use Instagram I’ll keep them in mind

Still haven’t spent time to discover how to really use Instagram

I just hate having to work on my phone, so clunky compared to my computer


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