5 Creative Guys in Tech

Creative Guys tech
Jony Ive

There are many Creative Guys behind the giants of the Tech industry who have had influenced the industry and the companies they work for. Some of the Tech leaders are very well know but some of the creativity guys not so much.

Apple – Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design

Jony Ive is the amazing designer responsible for many of Apple’s biggest, most important products including the MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini.

Square – Jack Dorsey, CEO

Square is that little free device that allows your iphone or ipad to instantly become a credit card swiper for free. Jack Dorsey, a self-taught programmer, cofounded Twitter and was its first CEO. Not satisfied with that he is CEO of Square.

Pintrest – Ben Silbermann, cofounder

Pintrest has had a amazing growth since it’s inception in 2010.

Pinterest lets people share through posting photos, videos and links. This idea came from Silbermann life-long love of collecting things, from insects to stamps.

Silbermann did a short stint at Google where he learned to think big. But he left that job to launch his own company. With his friend Paul Sciarra he created a few failed iPhone apps before they launched Pinterest.

Pinterest struggled at first, but because Silbermann couldn’t face another failure, he doubled down on improving the site.

Google – Sebastian Thrun, VP and Fellow

Self-driving cars have the power to change the world and Sebastian Thrun is at the center of making them a reality. Thurn has lead the Stanford’s AI department since the early 2000’s and building self-driving vehicles since 2004. He is really see as the Master of his field.Thrun founded Google X, the group lead by Sergey Brin and home to Google‘s self-driving car and Google Glasses. So he is leading the real inovation and leaving Google Maps for others.

He also cofounded startup Udacity, which offers free interactive college classes to make college more interesting and affordable to everyone.

Creative Guys google

Uber and Stumbleupon – Garrett Camp, cofounder

Garrett is a cofounder and chairman of Uber, the car service that’s turning the ancient taxi-cab business on its ear. If you have not checked at Uber it is a really cool service.

He had previously founded Stumbleupon, the addictive social sharing site used by 25 million people.

He recently launched a third company, BlackJet, that aims to do for private jet travel what Uber did to taxis.

It lets you book individual seats on private jets at business-class prices. Which would be a really great idea at those prices, especially for people who need to get places at a particular time and not the time the airlines want to get you there.

Since this is the Creative Guys, I will focus on the gals in another post.


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Great post, Andy. I am only just now learning how to navigate social media, and am taking it slowly…one at a time.

Most of the ones you mentioned in your article I’ve not ventured into as yet. Once I have Facebook and LinkedIn under my belt, I’ll move on to Pinterest.

Thanks for the info.

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