5 Great Places I Have Visited

I have travelled around the world and have been to some great places.  I have travelled to most continents of the world in my time either on business or pleasure. It is great to be able to see the diverse cultures of the world and to see some really beautiful breathtaking places.

Cape TownGreat Places

I have visit South Africa on more than one occasion.  The first time I visited South Africa was before Nelson Mandela walked free and changed the country. To see the changes to South Africa was also amazing given the problems that the country had.

The times after this I have visit Johannesburg and Cape Town amongst other places. and Cape Town is my favorite.

Cape Town is a beautiful city located on the shore of Table Bay.  Going up to the top of Table Mountain is breathtaking.

There is a cable car that can take you to the top so you don’t have to walk.

From Cape Town you have easy access to the great wine region of South Africa and you shouldn’t miss a visit to Cape Point.

Great Barrier Reef

I had travelled to Australia virtually always on business, but one time I went for pleasure and spent a week on Hyman Island on the Great Barrier Reef with my wife.  It was nothing less than spectacular.

Hyman Island is a beautiful place and to be able to go out and dive on the reef with the beautiful corals, the fish and  a few reef sharks was nothing less than AWESOME!

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are one of the Wonders of the World and when you stand next to them you will understand why.  It may not be the highest falls in the world but it is the largest.

Victoria FallsJust the sight, sound and power of the water flowing over the falls is amazing.  The wildlife in the area was also unbelievable, to be able to see the big animals of Africa up close and personal was incredible.

I went to Zimbabwe before the troubles were so bad that it was dangerous for visitors to go into the country.  I was so lucky to be able to go there and see what I did.

Although my wife was not so impressed with flying in a DC3, but to me it just added to the experience!


I included Singapore as it is such a mixed and diverse city with many cultures coming together in harmony in a small  but thriving place.

Of course there is still Raffles Hotel and the Long Bar to go visit for your Singapore sling.  It always amuses me that Raffles hotel is on Beach Road, no beach insight.


You want find a more beautiful set of islands with a wonderful climate.  A place to see giant tortoise and swim in a blue warm ocean.

When I was there my wife and I spent 3 days sailing around the islands eating fish caught off the back of the boat.

There are many Great Places to go visit in the world, check these out and enjoy.

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