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5 Great Plugins for WordPress

By Andy Lockhart

I am a marketer and social media consultant passionate about helping people development themselves and their business. I believe everybody has it in them to succeed at their passion regardless if that is through a Direct Sales Opportunity or a brick and mortar business. Either way I love to see people be successful and I like to take the mystery out of the social media and getting discovered on the internet.

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You have given us a great review on in my opinion 5 great must have plugins. As we know too many plugins can really slow down a wordpress site and that is definitely not good. These plugins are great and will work seamlessly with wordpress and our businesses.

I must admit, I was not aware of Clicky. I like its functionality and am adding it to my arsenal of must have plugins. Thanks for sharing.

Interesting about the P3 plugin – so you add a plugin to tell you if you have too many plugins!!
Question: I need a plugin so that I can have my site in multiple languages – I am English now, but need it in French, German, Italian, Spanish for starters. Any ideas? Thanks, Jina ( via UBC)

Interesting about the P3 plugin – so you add a plugin to tell you if you have too many plugins!!
Question: I need a plugin so that I can have my site in multiple languages – I am English now, but need it in French, German, Italian, Spanish for starters. Any ideas? Thanks, Jina ( via UBC)

I know it is bizarre to have a plugin to tell you about plugins but that is how it works I guess. On the language issue, I am not sure, I would have to go check. Do you read and write those other languages?

Thanks for explaining the value of these 5 plugins. I may test out the P3 plugin to see which plugins may be slowing down my site. I already have been using the WordFence plugin. It does remind me of updates but it seems to warn me every day that someone has logged in, and that person is me, so it gives me a lot of extra emails in my inbox. But I plan to keep using it anyway.

Not ready to add any additional plugins at this point, but it’s good to be familiar with them if I decide to in the future.

Dr. Erica

Thanks for sharing these great tips on plugins Andy. I know I had about 40 on my site at one time through people saying to me I needed it, but have sorted it one.

Hey Andy,

You have a nice list of plugins here. I use SEOpressor and it has been a great help by guiding me to make sure that my posts are SEO compliant.

Clicky sounds like an interesting plugin. Although I’m using Google Analytics, Clicky sounds very beneficial too. Especially to those bloggers that don’t have a great understanding of Google Analytics, how to set it up and the data that it shows!

Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great weekend!

I’m familiar with most of the plugins you’ve listed – great selection Andy. I had so many problems with plugins last year (my former blog) that I’m a bit paranoid about adding too many, but I do need to upgrade to a better chache plugin. My theme came with Batcache and I know it doesn’t perform nearly as well as many of the others so now that the site is established it’s time to upgrade. Thanks for the helpful reminder!

These are all great plugins, Andy.
P3 is nice, but you do have to make sure to remove it when you’re done using it.
I especially like W3 Cache. It really helps keeping things moving briskly.
I think the key to planning a working plugin strategy is to use them sparingly and to stick with the most popular and widely used ones. Those are the ones that are best supported and updated. Also, if you’re not actively using a plugin, deactivate it AND delete it. This will help keepyour site secure.

Hi Andy,

I use some of these plugins and they are awesome. I learned about P3 from Kim also. To me, Wordfence is a must have! We need protection out there! As for the SEO Processor I just started using it. I was never big on SEO, but know we do have to sprinkle it in. I was quite surprised when I started using it. There were a few tweaks I had to do before publishing.

Thanks for these little gems!


I like all of these plugins, but Clicky is the one that sounds the best to me, right now! I used to use Hittail, but, for whatever reason, I never felt that the keywords that it gave me were really great for the organic traffic I wanted to generate. It gave me keywords that I cannot imagine ever writing on – EVER! LOL!

Maybe I will give Clicky a spin. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

Great list Andy!

These are all fabulous plugins, but if I had t just start with just one, I think it would be clicky.

Because it seems to be so multi faceted! And offers tons of practical information, that will definitely help you become a much better organized and strategic marketer! Thanks!

Hello Andy, I love how you started out your article here with the mention to Kim She is Awesome HUH?

You did a great job explaining these plug-ins, a few of them are new to me and Yes I am on my way nnow to check thgem out..

Thanks Chery :))

There are so many Plug-ins to pick from. Thanks for the review on these and now I can consider these. How do you know if they conflict with what you already have going. That sounds like trouble!

Thanks for this list, Andy. I don’t have ANY of them on my blog. In fact, I’ve never even heard of most of them. What closet have I been hiding in?! 🙂 They all sound like good plugins. I’m going to check some of them out.

Rather than SEOPressor, just use WordPress SEO by Yoast… less bloat, and even newbies will find it a good tool. You don’t need a premium plugin off the bat to help with SEO.

P3 is good, but a plugin you only activate when you’re going to use. You could benefit from using Plugin Organizer to also shut off specific plugins trying to globally load. For example… if you don’t want a specific jquery based plugin to load for a specific page, like the front page.

Clicky… absolutely no. Just use Google Analytics… keep it simple. No need to bring in extra stats tools unless you want the JetPack stats that include social monitoring. A lot of people get so wound up in stats that they forget, advertisers these days are looking for: PageRank, Your Google Analytics stats (or Compete or Quorra), Alexa Rank, and your Klout Score.

Thanks Andy for sharing all these great plug-ins! As I have a WordPress site and have noticed that it is taking a lot longer to load, I’m definitely going to check out the P3 plug-in you recommend to see if some of my current plug-ins are affecting the loading speed.

I use Wordfence and am trying out Clicky to see if I should recommend it to those who find Google Analytics hard to work out. Like Nile I use Yoast WordPress SEO. Other essentials for me are a backup plugin, share and follow buttons and Comment Luv, which I see you use too.

Hi Andy,

thank you so much for sharing you knowledge.
The video is a great explanation of the cache plugin.
When I set up mine I searched for a tutorial for some time to learn which settings to go for.

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