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5 Pintrest Tips for 2014

Pintrest has more than 70 million users of which about 80% are women.

Pinterest has become a valuable tool for many small businesses looking to drive sales or connect with potential clients and has a lot to offer businesses of all kinds, from retailers to service providers.

“Most small businesses are not doing a lot of commerce, but there’s still an SEO (or search engine optimization) value,” says Marketing Land and Search Engine Land editorGreg Sterling. By being active on the platform, Sterling says small businesses can improve their rankings on search engines like Google or Bing.

No. 1: Make your website Pintrest friendly.

Users can “pin” photos to their personal boards by using a downloadable “Pin It” widget, which is installed on their browser.

As a business owner you want to have a “Pin-It” button on your website just like you have Facebook or Twitter Share buttons.

No. 2: Organize your content.

Pinterest enables all users to create themed boards. So for a jewelry company you may organize by neckless, ear-rings, watches etc.  This makes it easy for visitors to find Pins Easily.

No. 3: Brand your pins.

While it takes more time, the experts agree that branding the photos that are uploaded to Pinterest is worth the added effort.

This means as your photo’s are shared your brand or logo is shared with it.

You of course, have to get the balance between a subtle logo v a blatant watermark across the picture.  You don’t want to put people off.

No. 4: Include shopper-friendly information.

Compared to other social sites Pinterest users approach the platform with a shopping mindset. It is like somebody going to Amazon, there is much more intent to shop.

Experts suggest including as much “shopper-friendly” information as possible, describing the product or service featured, along with the price.

I have a realtor client who started including information, such as, price, Square footage, bedrooms and special features, about the homes she was showing and grow significantly the number of direct leads on her website.

No. 5: Engage the community.

Apart  from uploading new photos of inventory, or other relevant pictures, the experts say business owners should seek to become active in the online community.

“Don’t follow people to get follows,” says Sterling, “but be actively involved in a sincere way.”

This might include repining content that is relevant to your boards, answering users’ questions on your items or commenting on other users’ content.

Summary on Pintrest

Pinterest Crafts is one of the top categories on Pintrest. Pintrest provides a great platform to promote your business and services.  For more information fill in the form below.

By Andy Lockhart

I am a marketer and social media consultant passionate about helping people development themselves and their business. I believe everybody has it in them to succeed at their passion regardless if that is through a Direct Sales Opportunity or a brick and mortar business. Either way I love to see people be successful and I like to take the mystery out of the social media and getting discovered on the internet.

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