6 Twitter Tips for Beginners

When getting started on Twittertwitter there are a few things you should know that will help you get going.

No. 1 – Shrink Your URLs

With only 140 characters you want want to shrink your URLs so they don’t take up to much space.

I use Hootsuite’s ow.ly and bit.ly for all my links and it is built in

No. 2 – ReTweet Followers Tweets

You want to show you value you followers information.  If it is something you like then Retweet.  Ask for the Retweet if you want it.

If you want to share someone’s tweet then you can either RT it @ their name or you can use the ReTweet button on Twitter.

No. 3 – Use @ Sign To Tweet Someone

When you want to message someone on the stream you just have to use @thiername to have them see what you said.

NOW…this can be used for good and for bad.

The Good, if you want to chat with someone or ask a question or RT their tweet.

The Bad, when you use it to tweet them links to your crap that they may or may not want to see or share with their followers. This is Spam!  

twitterA much better way to share links is to Direct Message that person with it, giving them the option to share or not to share.

No. 4 – Share Pictures

People like pictures, so why not share some with your followers.

Now even though pictures are a great thing to share, they are not as helpful as a piece of well written content. So keep your picture sharing to no more than 2 -3 per day. The best pictures to share are personal pics, funny pictures, and motivational pictures.

Pictures you share can be anything, things from your personal life, or something funny you see, just be creative and be careful. Remember this is the internet, so careful of what personal pictures you share.

No. 5 – Use A Desktop Client

Some people like to do all their Twitter tasks without using the standard Twitter Website. You can do that with a desktop client like Hootsuite.

Applications like Hootsuite make it easy to monitor twitter and allow you to schedule tweets.  It also allows you to integrate with other social media platforms.

No. 6 – Get A Mobile App

Make sure you have a mobile app for your smart phone.  You can also get Hootsuite for the iphone and Android as an alternative. From these apps you can use Twitter Search and tweet to the world.

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