8 Strategies for Building Abundance Attitude in your Children

My wife and I came to parenthood through adoption.  Just over 5 years ago we adopted two boys from Russia.  They were 12 and 14 when we adopted them.  Now 19 and  17 and getting ready to move out into the world, so they think.

Through our involvement with Nerium International we have taken our boys to the Success for Teens sessions held at the conferences. The Success for Teens book is a great book based on Jeff Olson’s the Slight Edge.  The Success Foundation is an awesome organization making   the Success for Teens book  available for free to any organization working with teenagers.

Fostering a mindset of Creating Abundance in your children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, Doing so helps them realize the world is full of opportunity for those willing to work towards their goals.

abundance1. Reward responsibility

Don’t give rewards for promised future behavior. Reward when the goal is accomplished. Acknowledge the accomplishment and celebrated it.

2. Clarity

Be open about your financial state. Work as a family toward saving for a big item like a dream vacation. Adopt a family mission statement.

3. Everything is a teaching tool

Use economic and financial news as well as the success stories of business owners as conversation starters or as talking points around particular issues. Inspire your children by highlighting positive entrepreneurial stories.

4. Foster support

You’re not necessary the dominant advisor to your children. Kids need some support, mentorship and encouragement from coaches, teachers and other influential people. Find out who your child’s favorites are and encourage their support of your child’s endeavors.

5. Encourage networking and innovation

Connect your children to people who have passion for what they do that’s of interest to your child. Encourage them to set high goals for themselves even if they don’t reach them.

6. Learn business

The greatest teacher and confidence builder is to learn by doing. Encourage your child to take a part-time job, volunteer or start their own business. Programs like Youthpreneur give children business skills whether for their own for profit businesses of for fund-raising.

7. Giving back

Show your children the power of sharing. Volunteering time and resources goes a long way towards teaching an abundant outlook by giving to the less fortunate.

8. Gratitude attitude

Appreciate the things you have. Teach your children to take stock of and appreciate the intangibles like relationships, nature, shared experiences and things that don’t cost money.



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5 Replies to “8 Strategies for Building Abundance Attitude in your Children”

  1. Love your articles..I’m not sure if I’ll be able to incorporate all of it when my little one grows up but good pointers to keep in mind..thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Andy. I love the book and have taken a grandson to one of the sessions at a Nerium conference, as well as bought the book for other grands. Have even purchased 50 books to give out at a conference our women in philanthropy group has for middle-school girls next month. If only all teens could read it…..

  3. Hi Andy,

    Learning about business at an early age is a wonderful idea. Children these days should learn about entrepreneurship. Obviously what they learn in school is all about survival, but to learn business at an early age, they will be ahead of many when they decide to venture out. Thanks for sharing the tips!

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