Hi my name is Andy Lockhart and I am a marketer, blogger, social media consultant and business coach.  

I live near Hattiesburg, Mississippi with my wife and our 6 dogs.  If you have seen any of my video’s you will know I am not from around these parts.

Andy Lockhart

I grow up in England in a small town called Egham, which is west of London, most famous for being close to the meadow where the Magna Carta was signed.  You can see from the picture of me that I was into fast cars at a young age.

While at middle school was my first exposure to the vagaries of big corporations when the company my father worked for was laid off. I can assure anybody reading this that Corporate Great Britain is just like Corporate America!

Like most kids I went through the public school system and you were programmed on graduation to get a job or go to University.  I choose to go to University and received a B.Sc and went to work for a defense contractor and then onto my first software company that was developing electronic trading systems for these newly electronic stock exchanges.

aboutA couple of software companies later I was working for a Silicon Valley based company where I met my wife of 15 years.  She took the plunge to come in England where we were married and live for 6 years.  After six years in various parts of England we moved to Texas with 3 dogs. Made for an interesting experience at customs when we arrived at DFW airport.  Texas is just a little different from England, definitely doesn’t rain as much and people think I have a cute ascent, works for me?

Almost eight years ago we hosted two Russia boys from an orphanage in St Petersburg, Russia as part of a program run by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. This led to us falling in love with these boys and going through the adoption process and bringing our 2 boys home 2 years later. We got home with a 12 and 14 year old ready to take on the challenge of a new life.

It was this life changing event that lead us to the need to re-invent ourselves to not only achieve our own goals and dreams but help our 2 boys reach their full potential.  Despite successfully leading sales organizations in multiple corporations, we needed to find a way to find more time and produce additional sources of income to fund everything we needed for the boys.

This is when we looked for additional streams of income and turned to network marketing.

What we found when we first started network marketing was 2 things, the recruit and burn mentality and the classic create your list of the 200 people you know and off you go.  Neither of these were sustainable business models and if your serious about your Network Marketing business you need to build in a sustainable way.

We notice the lack of training in the network marketing business and some very prescribed formulas for people to succeed.

To be successful and to support multiple streams of business we discovered the need for education and tools to support any business you might join.

You need to grow your reach beyond that of your “200” people and to do this you need to learn how to use the internet.  By learning how to brand YOU.COM we have learned how to grow our business and allow us to move towards our dreams and goals.

Out of this education the best techniques I learned was how to bring offline Network Marketing online and allow people to successfully grow their business using Facebook and Attraction Marketing.

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