9 Replies to “Best Email Autoresponders in the World”

  1. Right now I use MailChimp to build a list. Granted, I’m not really putting that much effort into it, and I would be able to build one much faster if I had a autoresponder…

    Still, it provides people with the option to subscribe if they like me content while I work on a report to offer people. Oh, and did you know aWeber as an affiliate program now? You could earn a decent amount on a monthly basis from them, should check it out.

    1. I use Aweber myself and am an affiliate, the paid for program give you more functionality and ways to create great sign up forms. If you click on the I love Aweber in the side bar it takes you to my affiliate program

  2. see i have no idea on how to do this and am struggling badly to activate or even add this feature when i solely would love it , i tried mail chimp as i was told it was simple but i think i messed it up and therefre now stay clear of it x

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