Make a Living By Being Authentic

Trustworthy personTrying to be what your not eventually will never work, so you should always be yourself and be authentic.  This is how you are going to attract people to you and be successful in anything you do.  Our experiences in life are based on what we sense and how we interpret them from childhood onwards.

Why are we not being an Honest Person with ourselves?

Our experiences of life, our jobs, government, products we buy, services we use are filled with disappointments.  Therefore we get conditioned that life is not predictable and is not being trustworthy. This makes it harder to create the know, like and trust that you need to be successful. Most people are bought up to believe that others might have a better interpretation of the world than you do. But this is not true, just conditioning and it leads us not to trust our own instincts.

How do we break this cycle that we are programed with?

It is within ourselves to make this change, we have to listen to ourselves and trust our instincts. You need to be honest with yourself, make decisions and choices consciously  and explicitly.  You need to avoid being swept along by events and be in control of your actions.  Not that this is easy after years of conditioning  but once you make that leap it will be harder to be dishonest!

You need to make a shift and start being honest with yourself, by being honest with yourself you can start to trust yourself.  By trusting yourself you can become more confident in your actions and more confident in the situations you encounter.  By being confident you can become your Authentic Self.  By being authentic you are living your life and being your own true person.

Be Authentic in your Life

As Jim Rohn said

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not Much?

Live your life by being yourself, make your own decisions and don’t be swept along by the masses, this how entrepreneurs work and why they are successful.

As a last thought, like types normally attract so if you are honest you will attract Trustworthy People!

Take Out The Negative

When you make a statement you make it either a positive or negative statement.  If you us the words don’t, not or no you are actually giving attention and energy to what you don’t want.

think positive

Positive and Negative

So turn negative statements into positive statement, for example how often do you use “Don’t hesitate to Call” rather than a positive statement like “Call me Soon”

To quote Napoleon Hill

Positive and Negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time.  One or other must dominate.  It is your responsibility to make sure the positive emotion constitutes the dominating influence of your mind

Negative Attitudes set the tone and you will focus on this Negative Energy rather than using Positive Energy to achieve what you want in your personal life and business life.


The Power of Attraction

You know when you attend a meeting and you meet somebody who just seems to invigorate you and give you energy?  That person is full of positive forces that attract you to them.  Compare this to someone who is negative and sucks your energy away, you are not attracted to them and don’t want to be associated with them.

There are leadership traits you should posses and regardless of what business you are in is you need to be an effective leader and attract others to what you do or say.

Effective leadership is about being encouraging and making decisions that benefit those involved.  Thinking of others does not mean you disregard your own interests but you don’t think about yourself first.  Self-centeredness comes from the habit of considering yourself first and always talking about “I” becomes obvious to people, which is not attractive. An effective leader has to have the power of attraction and be genuine and trusted.  As a result an effective leader will be able to get buy-in, cooperation and commitment from people.

People are not attracted to aimless drifters, are YOU? I suspect the answer is NO, so if you just drift around in your business are you going to attract others?  NOT LIKELY. The power behind attraction is built on having a clear direction, a firm commitment, a purpose and the resolve to see it through.

A positive self-image is Golden in running any business but especially in Direct Sales.  A positive self-image counter balances the forces of apathy and by positive affirmations you should never let self-doubt enter your comfort zone.

As a leader you need to be aware of how people perceive you, regardless if you think it is right or wrong.  People form impressions of you based on how you dress, how you act and how you present yourself.  This can also change over time, it is not a one stop deal, so you always need to be mindful of these traits, above all else you need to have this as part of the commitments to yourself.

Finally, success breeds confidence, confidence attracts….

In Direct Sales  you see a lot of people try a company, not succeed, quit and blame something or someone else.  YOU never achieve greatness by quitting, look at Thomas Edison, did he quit when trying to make the electric light bulb work and blame somebody else, NO, he kept going until he was successful.

So get a plan and stick to it, focus on the positive and don’t waste energy on the negative and you will be successful and you will attract other too you.

Goal Setting with a Purpose

What separates the top 5 percent of successful people from the rest is having measurable, achievable goals?

This article talks about how to go about setting goals to be successful.

Determine a Goal Worth Trading Your Life For?

So set Big Goals that can really impact your life.  Find goals that excite you, but be specific.  The more specific you can be the more achievable the goal will be.

Decide When You Want It

Set a time limit on your goal, this helps you to create a plan to achieve your goal.  If you wanted to save $1,000 in a 100 days you would save $10 a day!

List the Pay Value

List all the reasons why you want the goal and make sure it is life changing for you.  People are motivated by three things; promise of gain, fear of loss and recognition.  You need to set a goal that is going to change your attitude and habits.

Evaluate the Obstacles in Your Way

Again you must be specific, you need to know what you need to do to overcome each obstacle.  What attitudes and habits MUST you change? Nothing is going to get better until you get better.  What new skills are you going to need, what money do you need to invest and what are you willing to give up?

What is your plan to get your goal?

The difference between a wish and a goal is a goal has a written plan to achieve it. Write a plan that allows you to overcome the obstacles you identified to achieving your goal.  Now you will know the costs to achieve your goal.  Having a plan gives you a much better chance of achieving your goal.  Remember you won’t necessarily know all the obstacles you are going to face.  Life has a habit of throwing curved balls at you!

Evaluate your plan

Once you have your plan you need to evaluate the plan and make sure the pay-value is worth the price you will need to pay.  If it is you have a plan that can work, if it’s not you will need to change something.

Schedule your plan

It is important to schedule your plan; if you don’t start it you will never succeed. Write it down on a calendar so you can see it everyday.

Start your plan and review

Start right away and do not hesitate.  Be consistent and review your plan from time to time to see if it needs changing or improving.  You will meet new obstacles and the plan may need to change to meet these.  Stay with the plan until it is finished and do not give up.  Always set your next plan before your current one is finished.

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