10 Facts about Mobile Marketing


When I first started work after graduating university I was working for a defense contractor and nobody would even thought of Mobile Marketing as we know it today. We did system proving trials in the field and we had these new fangled “Car Phones”.  Not that there was much to Market with these phones, they were not much more than a rotary dial phone.iphone

We have gone from Town Criers in the Middle Ages to the first telephone 1873 through to the first cell phones in 1973.  It was not until 1992 that the first text message was sent from a computer to a cell phone.  But it was not until 2003 that SMS became generally available and Nokia Mobiles were popular.  Then 4 years later  Apple introduce the first Smartphone, yes the Apple Mobile iPhone was here!  Apple had it easy until the Android was released and only then did the Smartphone market hot up.

Now the face of marketing is changing and adapting as society becomes more and more technology-dependent. Mobile is now the first screen of influence for many marketers while adults are spending more time on mobile media than newspapers and magazines.

Now and with the future growth of the Smartphone the effect on the internet with the mobile market will be that it will over take the desktop usage of the internet.  You better be ready with your responsive Web-Sites and  applications to run on cell phones and tablets.

 10 Mobile Marketing Fast Facts

  • 91% of Adults have their phone within arms reach
  • 86% of Smartphone users use their phone while watching TV
  • 75% of the Smartphone market is held by Apple and Android
  • 3 out of 4 cell phone users use their device for shopping
  • $39b was the estimate of mobile E-Commerce spend in 2013
  • 2010 – Cambridge dictionary adds “text” as a verb
  • 2014 – Mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop
  • 2015 – 81% of U.S. cell phone customers will have smartphones
  • 2015 – Mobile marketing will generate $400 billion in sales (a 52% increase in just two years)
  • 2016 – Global Mobile Marketing will grow to $22 Billion

Mobile Marketing: No Longer a Spam & Pop-up World

Image source: www.topmarketingschools.net

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5 Awesome Photo Apps at No Charge

social media

When you use social media sites such as Pintrest and need to adapt pictures for your blog you need to have apps that allow you to manipulate your photos or images.


No. 1 Use PicMonkey’s Online Photo Editor to Take Your Images From Good to Glorious

PicMonkey has a free and paid for option.  The paid option removes the ads and gives more overlays, fonts and other cool stuff.

The free option has a wide variety of frames, special effects and font types to choose from.

With a touch of a button, you can crop and resize your photo, and add text to your images.

PicMonkey is a great solution for all types of social media images.

Not only can you create graphics for your posts, you also can make banners and buttons for your social media accounts, such as Facebook.

No. 2 Express Yourself Through Photos and Creations on LiveLuvCreate

LiveLuvCreate is an image-creation website most anyone will find easy to use.


With LiveLuvCreate, you pick from a variety of design layouts—from one image as a background to a collage of graphics.

You can use images from your computer or choose from LiveLuvCreate’s library.

Choose up to three text areas with a range of font types, colors and styles.

You may also select borders, filters and photo effects for additional image enhancements.

Once you complete your graphic, you can share your creation on Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, or download the image to your computer.

No. 3 Create Your Own Designs With Canva


Canva is a free application that offers a myriad of graphic types for use in everything from presentations and posters, to business cards and invitations.

For social media use, consider Canva to help you design Facebook cover photos and blog images.

Canva offers many different layouts to help you create compelling and shareable social media images.

If you’re signed into Facebook, Canva can pull in your photos. You can also upload your own graphics from your computer, or purchase from Canva’s stock image library (most images are only $1 US).

Additionally, Canva has a unique feature where you can collaborate with other users, which is great if you need to share or edit your images with someone else.

No 4 Design Unique and Compelling Presentations With PowerPoint

It may come as a surprise to see PowerPoint on this list, but it offers another easy way to create social media images.

Any PowerPoint slide can be saved as a JPEG or PNG. Just click on Save As, and then select JPEG or PNG from the Save as Type drop-down menu.

PowerPoint then asks if you want to export every slide or just the current slide. Select Current Slide Only, and you have an image file outout of your PowerPoint slide. If you’re comfortable using PowerPoint, take advantage of this capability to create social media images.

No. 5 Make Awesome Collages With PicCollage

Don’t forget that compelling social media images can include snapshots, and when you want to creatively display these types of photos, check out PicCollage.

PicCollage is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Once you download the app, use photos from your Facebook account or camera stream to create collages.

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How to Generate Leads from Facebook

free leadsFacebook has proven to be a great source of new customers for millions of small businesses. But many business owners are not using Facebook to its fullest lead generation potential. For one thing, Facebook has added new features that make it more useful for small firms.

Free Leads from Facebook

Facebook gives you away to get Free Online Leads To make sure you get the most from Facebook there are some actions you should take that will hep attract more people.  These are just a few tips on what you should be doing, if you want more don’t forget to contact me for a consultation.

Improve your Facebook page

It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page. You need to make it informative, attractive and engaging. Pay special attention to your cover photo and profile picture – the two primary visual items on your page. Your profile picture might appear in many places, including search results, ads and sponsored stories. And because it’s small, it must be simple. Make sure the pictures you use are professional looking and represent your business or you depending on the nature of your page. If you use a business logo that’s complex, you might want to create a simplified Facebook version.

Create Captivating Content

In order to generate leads, your Facebook page must be a steady source of helpful, shareable information. Try addressing customer “pain points.” What solutions can you offer that help people? Give helpful tips or advice?  Create curiosity to cause questions to be asked. The more you can do that, the more they are likely to share and like your content.


Always include a call-to-action in your posts. This may include entering a contest, checking out an article about your business, reading your blog, and such. Remember people like being told what to do, so tell them what you want them to do. Tip: Many businesses include a call-to-action in their cover photos to engage potential leads right away.


Facebook offers targeted advertising options for generating leads for your business. You can target your advertisements to reach certain demographics by location, age, education level, interest, etc. Use Facebook advertising to generate leads and grow your fan base. BUT always look into the reports and see how your ad is doing.  You can’t just run and ad and forget it, otherwise you will have a good way to lose a lot of money. For more information on Facebook advertising check out this FREE video.

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