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If you are reading this I hope you already have social media accounts.  I wanted to share Gary Vaynerchuk speech at the Network Marketing Pro conference as it is applicable to any business.

Life before Internet

We now have a generation of people who do not know life before the Internet.

One of the interesting comparison’s Gary talked about was people sitting next to each other texting.  People complaining about conversation is dead, take a step back and look at the 50’s.  Looks pretty much the same.

social media social media

So do you have a Social Media Marketing strategy ready for 2014?

Sunday Sunday

It’s Sunday and time for a little bit of Fun.  Going to keep this post short as it is family time.  The theme about this post is really Happiness and Kindness as they both go hand in hand and the Sunday before Thanksgiving is a great time to meditate on this.

Kindness to Others

For those lucky enough to be planning to see family and friends this holiday season spread a little happiness and kindness to those less fortunate than yourself.



You can choose to be optimistic or pessimistic.  Personally I choose optimism, what distinguishes optimism from pessimism is the focus. It’s about transforming the situation in a positive manner and using that optimism to achieve success.

Kindness and Happiness


You know one of the ways you can help people is by acts of kindness and here is a great quote about Kindness.

Kindness is not about instant gratification. It’s a low risk investment that appreciates and pays off over time.

Kindness is not a suggestion. It’s an imperative if we are to improve the society we live in.  When you deliver kindness, you start to spread happiness and that can always lead to something better.

So give it a thought this Sunday before Thanksgiving and Live Happy.  One of the best things you can share with others is your own happiness. Your story just might inspire a change in them.

Check out the rest of my blog and remember that random act of Kindness.  You may also want to check out my Blog post on Shawn Achor book, The Happiness Advantage.

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