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Why Your Fans aren’t Following you on Social Media.

By Andy Lockhart

I am a marketer and social media consultant passionate about helping people development themselves and their business. I believe everybody has it in them to succeed at their passion regardless if that is through a Direct Sales Opportunity or a brick and mortar business. Either way I love to see people be successful and I like to take the mystery out of the social media and getting discovered on the internet.

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Social media is a long haul – that’s the way I am engaged with it.

I’m surprised to see the age distribution on G+, with more older people than on other platforms.

Brands should follow up in the same way that people should follow up – it’s the right thing to do because it’s good manners.

I understand your thoughts about email. My way of looking at it is that junk mail (email or through-the-letterbox)mail), is mail that doesn’t interest us or that comes from a source that we believe to be disreputable. If the product or service interests us, then we will follow up if the presentation is good.

Thanks for sharing this Andy. My philosophy around social media is simple – it must drive traffic to a place where we can build a good relationship and that is for me is often email. As much as I love blogging and social chatting, email is my strongest point right now.

Hi Andy,

When selling on social media that key word you bring up “responds” tells the story! But, as long as they respond with an email, there is where we start making great relationships.

I narrowed the two key places where people respond to me and it is on Facebook and Google+ That’s where my action is. Now, when I roll out with an offer, I get a “response” if I target correctly lol.

That is the beginning. Through my blog optin and social media optins this is not where sales are made, but relationships are. Once we understand that, we can woo them with our emails. It does work for me!



Hello Andy,

Great message! I spend a lot of time on social media and my blog. I have accounts in all of the top social media platforms, but I also have my email autoresponder set up for each one as well. Email is truly the best way to go if you are looking to make more profit! Thank you for sharing!

Hi Andy,
interesting survery results!
Engaging and responding seems to be something that comes up again and again and it does make a lot of sense.
Thank you for sharing this information.
Love the graphs!

I believe social media works well when you make connections and relationships, once people trust you then they are likely to buy from you. I like the autoresponder- email as I reach more people at one time and a greater percentage is likely to respond.
Great information, thanks for sharing.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for sharing this post:) Social Media is a great way to make new connections and stay up to date with already established connections and relationships are formed easier I think on the Social Media platforms but as the others have stated I respond more through emails then build on the Social Media relationships afterwards. I also use an autoresponder so people get to know like and trust me while learning at the same time:)

Hi Andy,

I like how you used the word responds. It is all about engagement. We cannot expect to just make posts on these social media platforms and not engage with others, and especially so if they engage us.

I have found that Facebook seems to be the place I receive the majority of my engagement. I do spend more time on Facebook because I am currently focusing on that platform, so as to not spread myself too thin using too many social media platforms. I am glad you shared those hubspot findings. They are interesting.

Thank you for

I was just trying to figure out whether I wanted to start an email campaign. My SEO guy told me today that email is king, and now I’m hearing it from you, too.

Guess it’s time to publish that ebook ….

Yes, responding/engagement is key and so is listening. I think it’s sad that consumers don’t feel heard on social media. It’s a lesson to all of us to slow down, focus on our audience and really listen . . . and respond.

glad your site is working properly now… thanks for letting me know.
By the way, you have a great message here.
For the time that I spend on my blog and social media platforms… I know I can do better but somehow I did not get the time to focus on how to utilize my time and acquired knowledge better, especially adding a capture page to collect email address and names to communicated more often. ..

Thanks for sharing this great info… very helpful.

Hi Andy and thanks for the useful stats. If someone is promoting a product or service that relates to my business I’d rather have contact via social media first. I want to know something about them. I also prefer FB message to direct messaging on other platforms because I check those regularly.

Hello Andy, thank you for the tips on social media… I am still in the process of learning what works best for me. So far Facebook has been my most successful social media effort followed by LinkedIn (which is odd considering I HARDLY use LinkedIn). Twitter? Haven’t had much luck with that one… probably due to the fact that I hardly use it.

Hello Andrew…..I believe that social media can really help…..but it is very dependent on how a person interacts with others and the relationships that are built before others are likely to respond in the manner that we hope…..I find it interesting that snail mail ranks so high in responses to cold market selling…….Thanks Andrew…. this is all good information….Smokey

It’s an art, Andy, more than a science… building relationships that lead to customers, clients and business partnerships.

You give us good information here as to how social media fits into the picture we are painting for our business design. While it has a central role, for sure, you also make the most important point, that email marketing is still the king for generating actual sales.

That’s not to say, social media is insignificant. There are several powerful strategies we can use to make social media actually feed into our email marketing campaigns.

That’s where things really start to heat up 🙂

A fascinating insight Andy. We also have to factor in that people use social media for social reasons, and may not appreciate our engagement and conversations until they’re ready for them. Listening enables us to filter out people who aren’t likely to respond to our conversations, and ensure they are heard at the right time.

Hi Andy.

I found these statistics very insightful and I also found that it made a lot of sense that customers would like a “response” of some sort on social media from companies. Having static, non-engaging social media probably doesn’t feel very personal to customers/clients/fans. So, I think businesses that do engage their followers are more likely to be favored.

I agree, providing you respond in an appropriate way, I have had a bad experience with one company on their responses when I asked a question, it was more the customer is wrong type response. On the flip side I have had great responses from Sears and Lowes when I have tweeted out issues.

Hi Andy..
I’ve only been focusing on Facebook .. the idea of going on other platforms gives me a headache LOL.. But I see the value. Interesting stats .. I love the one where people want you to be a thousand places, but they themselves are not. Must have something to do with – popularity , you think? Or the perception of it …

The concept you should be in more places than were I am is an interesting one. It is like saying go build your store over there, but I am never going to come visit! Weird, where is the psychologist when you need one!

Very interesting stats Andy. This year I’ve jockeyed back and forth between Twitter, Google+ and Facebook and ironically I get more traffic from Pinterest than either Google or Facebook. I think that’s because I’m a very visual person and my site reflects that so Pinterest is a natural for me and it would seem so for a good percentage of my audience as well.

Re email – I will be the first to admit I can (and will) do better with this. I’ve had such bad experiences on the receiving end of email marketing I tend to not communicate as much as I should for fear of turning into one of t-h-o-s-e people. Thanks for the inspiration.

I tried Hootsuite some time ago but I had no clue what I was doing at that time…. now that I am getting the hang of all of my business operations I am going to give it another try, from the sounds of it it is a great tool for social media management. Thank you for sharing the other resources too, it is always nice to have options 🙂

p.s. I had never thought of social media management as content curation, but I have increasingly become aware that even my personal facebook profile is a space that I use to share valuable content with my friends and family.

These graphs are a great visual of what’s happening. I suppose the reason snail mail is even on the list is that there are enough people who like the physical piece of mail in their hands. I still much prefer a real physical book, to an ebook read on my computer or iPad.

Thanks for writing an extremely informative post Andy!

And as it has been pointed out means times before, social media is where you start, not end up! You made that point extremely well when you stressed the responding element of our sales process.

And I’m glad you pointed out the enormous power of still selling using good old fashion email marketing.

While effective email marketing is constantly being written off, without a doubt email marketing just continues to make good things happen!

Thanks for writing and sharing such a solid post!

Hey Andy,

The one thing I’m pretty week at now is responding to my fans on my fan page. I do respond on my Facebook wall and twitter, but I can do better on my fan page.

Engaging lays out the the foundation for your fans to know, like, and trust you. We all know this but most of us don’t do it.

This post is a great eye-opener for all of us that don’t practice engaging our fans. We lose out on building our businesses as well as fan loyalty.

Great share Andy! Have a great weekend!

Hi Andy,
Great tips, I am on Facebook, Instagram and sometimes on Twitter & Pinterest.
Love the variety of different ways to connect with people.
Thank you for sharing,
Have a wonderful day!

Hi Andy,
Interesting … this little fact about human nature is so true: Consumers expect their brands to be on Twitter, Facebook, etc. but actually following them is low. Same with “consistency”. people expect leaders of a community, organization, politics, etc… to be consistent regardless if followers follow them regularly or not. I think this has to do with security – knowing they’ll always be there no matter if followers are consistent or not .. very interesting …

Hi Andy,

Very interesting findings- thanks for sharing!
I will say I am surprised that people expect brands / companies to be on Social Media, but then don’t necessarily follow them. But, I guess knowing that, to your point, it still is very important to be where your customer looks for you.
I’ve found that facebook and linkedin have helped me get my brand awareness out.

Thanks for sharing!

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