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So what are these hashtags?

You have all heard of Hashtags but might not know exactly how to us them.  Hashtags are not quite in everyday usage as shown by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, but enjoy the video.

What are Hashtags

What’s a Hashtag? A Hashtag is a word that can be searched for on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram to name but four. You can search hashtags to find content that is specific to what you are looking for.

Watch the video to find out more about searching for Hashtags.

Which Hashtags to use?

You need to do your research and make sure the Hashtags you intend to use are relevant and will be found by the clients or customers you are looking for.

Don’t come out with some random hashtag that never gets searched and make sure you don’t try highjacking a popular hashtag.

By highjacking I mean don’t use the hashtag #Chicagofire , which is trending to talk about your latest weight loss product.

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