How did I get here from there?

I was born in the UK, went through the public school system and graduate from university. Β Sort of what we are programmed to do.

Then it was Corporate England, which I can assure you is the same as Corporate America.

Check out my video for an introduction to me and where I cam from and where I am today.

How have you changed since your first job and what was the event that changed you?

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4 Replies to “How did I get here from there?”

  1. I think in general growing up and life changes people. Even little experiences change your life in ways you can’t imagine at the time.

    At times I’ve wondered what life would be like if (insert whatever here) had or hadn’t happened in my life. I have to make myself realize that I very possibly wouldn’t be where I was today, and have what I do today if I changed a single thing.

  2. You did really well on your video! I would never have been able to speak that clearly. Every other word would have been um.. er.. uh… πŸ™‚ I don’t do well with public speaking. πŸ™ You did a really great job though! I wish I could have been 22 in a good paying job. πŸ™

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