11 Replies to “How to Use MITS Pages Lead Capture Pages”

  1. Wow this looks pretty amazing Andy! I am not in the business of lead generation, but I do use sales pages. The theme for my blog actually includes that template which has been a blessing. That said, I’m looking at expanding my online training courses so this may be a great option and I will definitely take a closer look. Thanks for this information.

  2. That’s a great looking tool Andy!

    And it appears to be extremely user friendly. And it makes some nice looking capture pages.

    Thank goodness you don’t have to be a techie! It will probably turn out to be extremely popular. Thanks for the demo!

  3. Hi Andy, I hadn’t heard about MITS Pages but I’m going to have a look at their templates. I normally create my own html pages or use a WordPress plugin for them but would like a good, quick solution

  4. Andy…there are so many tools out there for lead capture and selling that I am just blown away by how much we have to choose from, now. I had not ever heard of your company, before, but thank you for sharing with us! I will be sure to check it out and see how it compares with so many of the other programs out there! Great article!

  5. Hi Andy,

    The system I am using is only $20 a month, and is fully equipped with capture pages, autoresponder messages, tracking system and analytics. However, it is specific to the company I am with. If ever I need something in a different area, this sounds like a great resource to check out more fully.

  6. Hi Andy, thanks for all the tips for interacting within groups over at LinkedIn. Are you able to have a “signature file” at the end of each of your conversations on the groups? Would be great if you can – I think that’s a good way to lead people back to your website if they’re interested in what you offer within the sig file.

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