List Building

There are many ways to buid a list including Facebook and Linkedin.  As I am sure you have heard without your list you are nothing.  With a list it doesn’t matter what you are selling.

Magnetic Sponsoring

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If you’re struggling to find good people to join your downline, then you’re about to get your hands on a book that will show you how to EXPLODE your organization and your income… without any grunt work or rejection.

Inside “Only Suckers Buy Leads” you’ll discover…

  • Why “old-school” tried and true methods are DEAD, and what you must do right now to succeed in your business.
  • How to STOP cold-calling, chasing friends and family, and using the 3-foot rule to recruit anything that moves… and how to get ready-to-join people chasing youand begging you to sponsor them.
  • The ONLY 2 types of people you should recruit and how to find them.
  • Why you’ll NEVER need to buy leads ever again… yet create a flood of high-quality new leads, customers and recruits.
  • PLUS… how to get paid even if they say “No” to your business opportunity… a simple strategy to turn rejection into profits.
  • And much, much more.

Packed with tips, ideas, and marketing techniques this book is a must for any network marketer with a burning desire to build a solid organization in the fastest amount of time it’s humanly possible.

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Mike Dillard

Black-belt Recruiting

How Mike Dillard Sponsors 10 to 20 Reps Every Single Month Without Fear.

And how you can harness these rare sponsoring secrets to supercharge your recruiting results — even if you’re brand spanking new to network marketing, and terrified of calling prospects now.

Watch the free video interview series with recruiting expert Mark Wieser on the techniques on how to talk to prospects and how Mark personally sponsors more than 250 a year and how you can too.

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Building on a Budget

7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Build Your Network Marketing Business On A Shoe-String Budget!  You’re about to discover my jealously guarded yetSHOCKINGLY SIMPLE secrets to raking in thousands of leads every month… using these 7 little-known, under-used online strategies that are easy to follow and get RESULTS FAST.

list building on a budget


A step-by-step plan for network marketers on a small budget who want to generate hotqualified leads at zero cost.

Plus… how to claim over $50.00 worth of advanced network marketing training.

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The Ultimate Sales Funnel & Marketing Mastery Bootcamp

The #1 Secret To Creating A Non-Stop Flow Of Automatic Income Streams In ANY Business… That will INSTANTLY solve all your sales and cash-flow problems and put an end to your money worries FOREVER!

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