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  1. Hi Andy,

    It is imperative these days to have our blogs and everything else mobile accessible. I found this one out the hard way months ago when someone told me that they could read a darn thing on their mobile.

    I had to get my entire bog re-done. Then there was the social share buttons that were in conflict so I had t change that too. We need to make sure that everything we do is mobile friendly.

    When I first looked up the stats on this one, it was an eye opener to me. Thank goodness you wrote this post to help so many people that have no knowledge of it.


  2. You give some excellent advice, here, Andy.

    There’s really no excuse for not having a mobile responsive site. There’s hardly any point to avoiding this issue because just so many people now are accessing internet sites almost purely through mobile devices.

    Many people don’t even use laptops anymore, or not very often. So if your site is not mobile, it’s probably just getting passed by for the next one, which is.

    1. David

      You are spot on, if you are not mobile friendly you are toast. But it is amazing how many people are not, marketers yes, but small business owners really are not aware of this stuff.

      Thanks Andy

  3. Great post and a reminder to those that do not have a responsive website how important it really is!

    Love the images of screenshots from a mobile. They make your point very clearly! It’s hard enough to stand out from the crowd but if your website can’t be reader friendly on multiple devices, you will sit in obscurity.

    Thank you for sharing Andy!


    1. Deborah, Thanks for the comments, I though showing how it looks on the phone would be powerful and just show how difficult some websites can be to read. Trouble is that some business owners do see this and understand the impact on their business.


  4. Hi Andy,

    You make some really great points. I live in a rural area and most people don’t have computers. They solely rely on their smart phones for the internet. A responsive website is a must have.

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll be sharing this with others.

  5. I always install mobile friendly themes but my main blog needs a major overhaul and soon. My posts are shown in full on mobile rather than extracts as on the computer. The sidebar disappears to the bottom so sign up forms and ads aren’t seen. Your own subscribe and free e-book appear at the top which is as it should be.

  6. Yes, being on mobile . . . and having things work effectively . . . is essential now. I use a mobile app and everything is great, but my opt-in box isn’t showing up on my home page. Gotta fix that!

  7. It is always good to visit your own site from the prospective of a visitor… and these days, that certainly means the mobile and various pad views. My theme says it is responsive, but i do like to check it from different angles. Great advice here Andy.

  8. Hi Andy.

    You raise some very good points. I agree that making your website mobile friendly is crucial. When I got Google Analytics for my blog, I was blown away to discover that half of my site visitors were using mobile devices or tablets!

    As a result, I have been more conscientious about the number of plug-ins I use on my blog to avoid my website seeming too busy, especially when seen on a tiny screen like a phone or tablet.

    And you are right, people don’t have time to scour a website if it is hard to read or navigate. They’ll move on — and you’ll have lost an opportunity to connect with a potential follower/client.

  9. Thanks for sharing a truly informative post Andy!
    When you shown those incredibly graphic side by side comparisons,
    it makes the advantages of being mobile friendly glaringly obvious!

    In fact, it’s almost like entering a business that doesn’t have Internet access vs one that does!

    The choice is going to b pretty clear, right? In fact, have you heard the shocking stat that says, even in this current Internet/ social media intense market place, that a shocking 50% of all offline business, basically the Mom & Pop variety still don’t even have a non mobile responsive website?

    Imagine the potential business they are losing to their more mobile compliant competitors everyday they’re open!

    And I readily admit that I was slow to embrace this trend as well! But who can afford not to be! So this is an issue I’ve had to deal with!

    Thanks for the reminder! Great article! And I love your side by side still shots!

    1. Mark, that is an incredible stat about websites in general. I guess when you are online and are marketing you sometimes forget how far behind some people are.

      Thanks for your great comment.


  10. It is true ,many businesses do not know about this and still have websites which can not be seen in a mobile.
    I did make sure that mine is to see,thanks to other members of our PAC club ,which reminded to think of this .

    Thank you

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