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Recently CBS did an investigation into NeriumAD and Nerium International.  This investigation of the Nerium Products was an extremely positive review by CBS News, despite CBS starting off with a plan to debunk Nerium! The Video below is the segment that was aired on CBS and is a great endorsement on the NeriumAD product.

Nerium on CBS

Follow the link below to see the CBS Report on Nerium.

CBS Report On Nerium

Jeff Olson on Nerium

Jeff Olson the CEO in this audio explains why he believes Nerium International is a great company to be involved with.  Jeff is really excited by the NeriumAD product as it sits in the Beauty space.  As he says you go into any department store, the first thing you see is beauty products, not coffee, not weight loss or even services.

I believe that finding the right fit in network marketing can be one of the most challenging things to do if you don’t know what exactly to look for. Too many people (including myself) have become too short-sighted in the past, even gullible- and looked for the quick fix i.e. “being at the top in the beginning” and high payout comp plans.

The bottom line is that are a lot of “best paying” comp plans with “revolutionary products” and getting in at the beginning doesn’t really mean anything if that company doesn’t have what it takes to be sustainable and get into serious momentum. There are lots of “gamble opportunities” and far fewer companies that are actually built on a rock-solid foundation with strong core principles.

Lets take a look at what you should look for:


The first thing I want to know is ‘The Who Factor” Who are the guys running the show? What’s their track record for success in the industry? If you have confidence in the Leadership, then you can have confidence that “the What” will take care of itself.

In the case of Nerium CEO and founder, Jeff Olson, is one of the most respected people in the industry with a long proven track record for success. He’s built several multi-million dollar sales & marketing organizations. He’s the author of ‘The Slight Edge’ -produced over 900 tv programs centered around personal development, and keynote speaker at the annual DSA event as well as previously being a consultant advisor to top CEOs of other Direct Sales companies.


A product line with a high barrier of entry and hence makes it hard to copy by other companies or any of the industry giants is a great asset to have. 

neriumADWith Nerium you have a product based on NAE-8, a patented extract and a farming system of Nerium oleander that allows Nerium to control the product from seed to bottle. The research is solely based on human clinical studies and safety standards of the highest efficacy. There are many more products with the patented extract in the pipeline.

Track Record

What is the company’s track record? Who are they? Where are they now? Where are they going? How are they going to get there?

With Nerium they know exactly who they are. They have a strong footprint in the US. They are a 30 month old company with a 20/20 vision and systematic strategy parted in three phases to the year 2020. Nerium goes global in 2014!


  • Received the 2013 DSN Bravo Growth award with 3900% growth.
  • 1st company ever to do $100 Million in their 1st full calendar year.
  • Youngest company to be featured in Success From Home magazine twice!
  • Youngest company ever featured in Direct Selling News
  • Youngest company to make it in the DSN Top 100 direct-selling companies worldwide.
  • 1 product, 1 country, $100 Million
  • 2 years 1 country; 300 Million in sales.
  • Next company projected to be a billion dollar company by DSN
  • 9/10: there are 10 billion dollar companies in the industry. 9 are in beauty/skincare


Although you should never be obsessed with timing, there are some aspects that Nerium just has aligned really nicely.  NeriumAD with the patented extract works and anti-aging skincare is a timeless market.

The company is still only in the US; has not even established itself into Canada or Mexico yet.  Look out 2014 here comes Nerium. The DSA called Nerium the next billion dollar company. This would indicate that Nerium is on the verge of an $700 Million run over the next 1-2 years.

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