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Want a really good Chalk Style Paint

If you are looking for a Chalk Style Paint you should check out Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint.  You can do all sorts of things with it not just paint furniture.   Using Miss Lillian’s NON Wax Chock Paint you can paint fabric and this Hot Pink Sofa is a great example.  This is a great way to give new life to an old tired piece of furniture.


sofa painted in Miss Lillians NO WAX Chock Paint - Chalk Style Paint

Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock paint as it’s name suggests is not like other Chalk Style Paints because the wax is built in.  Therefore when you have finished painting there is no waxing to do. Of course if it is something in a high traffic area you will want to put a protective Luster on to protect it.  The good thing with this company is that they have the full range of products to do the project from start to finish.

How do you apply Chalk Style Paint?

It is simple to apply but you hpainted with Miss Lillians NO WAX Chock paint - chalk style paintave to make sure you do your preparation first.  Don’t expect to just paint over old paint or wood and expect a wonderful finish. The Cabinet shown here has been prepared for painting.

The top has been fully sanded and the paint has been lightly sanded to remove all the lose paint.  On the top a layer of Condition will be used to seal the wood then Gel Stain will be applied.products to paint - chalk style paint

For the painted area Uncle Jeff’s Original Swamp Mud will be applied and then the real painting can start.  Painting with Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint is easily done and should be applied in thin layers.

Once the painting is complete the piece can have embellishments applied and a final protective luster to the top.  If you want to see more on this project please take a look at Artfully TLC Facebook Page.




Over to you

Let me know what you think, do you ever paint furniture?







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