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  1. Wow that really is a battle for world domination isn’t it? I would have more sympathy with these companies if they didn’t forget their roots were with the little guys. They seem to forget where they started once they grow big.

  2. I think Google will win hands down. I just find they are more business and technology oriented and smarter with their money, policies, etc. Plus…Google is gaining the rep for the tech giant…Facebook will always fall behind because most will associate them with just social media, even if that’s not all they really are.

  3. Andy,

    Powerful infographic. I had no idea about the companies being bought as Google and Facebook continue to build their empires. Interesting to me how low the holdings are for Yahoo, which I believe was online before Google, or at least was as well known from the start. Facebook seems to have the right approach to “give the people the power to share and connect” and it has certainly worked. Meanwhile, Google+ is still not creating the same amount of consistent interactions and sharing.

    Dr. Erica

  4. Great article Andy! Loved the infographic. Funny, I never thought of a cold war between tech companies…I will definitely be sharing this blog post with my subscribers.

    Dr. Lisa

  5. Hi Andy,

    I like the way this infographic is set up. The two “powers” lol. Many people are running from Facebook to Google+ these days. I think Google will win the battle. Since Facebook has shortened our reach, people have been turning their nose up. But as a marketer, right now, Facebook ads are quite the trend. (notice for now)
    When looking at the big picture I think Google will win the war.


  6. Hi Andy,

    A very interesting article. Personally, I think google may win this battle. As of late google + is starting to build a huge footprint. The interaction is not as great as facebook at the moment but considering that it is relatively a new form of social media I do believe they will have the edge eventually.

    With that being said, I think there is room for all of us to play in the same sandbox. Thank you for sharing.

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