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Become a Writer – 4 Quick Tips to Help You

notebook for a writer

Do you classify yourself as a writer? After-all, what is a writer? This is one of my occasional articles about writing, if you have a blog believe it or not you are a writer.  You might not be Stephen King or William Shakespeare, but you are a writer and be proud of it! I myself[…]

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5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

This5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

This article gives you 5 Big Mistakes on Instagram that are often made. Instagram achieves one of the highest engagements rates of all the social media channels but these are some of the things you really shouldn’t do. Of course this assumes you want to market on Instagram and are not just using to post[…]

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Instagram Tips – Create a Call for Action

Instagram tips

This is going to be the first in a series of Articles giving you Instagram Tips. As you know with Instagram people look at the pictures and scroll through them quickly. What does this mean? With the 5 second attention span all that good work in writing the copy on your post could be lost.[…]

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Consistency is the Key

consitentcy is the key

You Always are Told Consistency is Key You always hear you need to be consistent in what you do. and you need to keep doing this activity everyday. I know some people don’t believe that, it can’t make that big a difference. Well I can stand here in a raining Mississippi and say it absolutely[…]

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12 Ways to Get More Subscribers to Your Blog

Get More Subscribers

Having your website convert traffic into leads is all important.  It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have with no leads you just have a website.Sort of like the lights are on but nobody is at home.I have posted about where to place sign up forms before, you can read the previous post HERE.Then a[…]

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6 Steps to Turn PowerPoint into an Awesome Video Blog

video blog

If you’ve ever attended a live presentation, then you know PowerPoint slides can be very powerful, or really boring. You have heard the phrase “death by PowerPoint” But if you want to have a truly great presentation online, you’ll need to learn how to make your PowerPoint video blog both engaging and entertaining, as well[…]

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How to Figure Out Your Target Market


The key to running a successful blog is to know your readers backwards, sideways and forwards. You should write your content exclusively for them and in order to do that, you have to know their likes, interests, concerns and so on. If you’re not getting the level of engagement that you want out of your[…]

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The Content Curation Craze – Are you doing it?

Content curation

Content curation is all the rage right now and it has quickly become one of those Internet buzzwords. Many of the Web’s top bloggers are expert content curators. But like most Internet buzzwords, it’s only half-understood by most people. What Is Content Curation? Content curation means pulling together content from various sources and presenting it[…]

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Best Email Autoresponders in the World

best email autopreposoders

Have уоu rесеntlу started а business where you need to build an email list? If yes thеn I аm sure уоu аrе looking fоr ѕоmе help tо increase уоur business. One оf thе options, I would advise is an email autoresponders. Thіѕ brings uѕ tо thе question, whаt іѕ аn email autoresponder. It іѕ асtuаllу[…]

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11 Critical Elements for your Blog


Do you know the magic formula that you blog posts need to get noticed?Do you know the magic formula that you blog posts need to get noticed?This infographic from Copyblogger gives you those 11 Must have elements to your blog post.Focus on the first two points!  It’s important. On the average, five times as many[…]