The Happiness Advantage

As Jim Rohn says

work harder on yourself than you do on your job

So one of the books I have be reading recently for my personal development is Shawn Achor Book The Happiness Advantage and in his book he turns the usual doctrine on itswith regard to Happiness.  This is a mindset book that will help you get to a better state.

The normal doctrine is do the hard work  and you’ll  be happy.  Achor talks about The Happiness Advantage 7 Strategies to be more successful and fulfilled in your life.  He discusses the studies that have shown that happy people work harder and achieve better results than people in a hostile work environment who are unhappy and are less productive in the work environment.

A lot of research has been done around the average since this is the basis of understanding the average human behavior.

 If we merely study the average, we will remain merely average

The alternative approach is to research the outliers, especially the positive ones.

 The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage is the first principle and says that people who are happy have a psychological advantage over people who are unhappy.  By getting into the right mindset you can become more productive and fulfilled.

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The Fulcrum and the Lever

Our mindset changes with our experience and the Fulcrum and the Lever talks about the power of the mindset. The name of the principle comes from the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes who said,

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

In Shawn Achor’s principle, the fulcrum is the mindset of the person; the length of the lever corresponds to the potential power and possibility that person believes he or she has. If someone moves the fulcrum in the right direction by adopting a more positive mindset, the lever of possibility lengthens, which leads, as empirical studies have shown conclusively, to an eventual positive outcome.

Falling Up

We all have times when we experience defeat, setbacks, crisis and stress.  I know from my own experience that my stress levels have been high.  In the book Shawn talks about the ABCDs to deal with these situations.  We will all be better or worse at this but it is worth practicing.

Adversity (A) is the situation that happens that we have no control over.

The Belief (B) is how we react to this event and what we believe about the particular event.  If we think it is temporary in nature and we think there are ready solutions then we have a positive Consequence (C).

mindset book

On the other hand if we believe it is permanent and we feel helpless and suffer from inaction it shows a negative Consequence.

It is this event that brings in the need for Disputation.  This involves you telling yourself it is a belief and not a fact and can be challenged.  Psychologists always recommend that we externalize this voice.  It becomes like arguing with yourself and allows the event to be rationalized.

The statement that things are never as bad as they seem is actually a fact based on our Fundamental biology.

Network Marketing and the Happiness Advantage

I bring up Network Marketing as if you are in this type of business the Happiness Advantage should be a really important concept if you are wanting to be successful.  Mindset is everything and this mindset book has some very powerful concepts to get you and your teams to be much more successful.

If you practice attraction marketing or are interested in that approach then taking on the philosophy of the Happiness Advantage can definitely help you with your mindset.  To learn more about the Happiness Advantage and how it can improve your mindset contact me HERE.

I would recommend anybody to read the Happiness Advantage and learn how you can adopt the right mindset to become more fulfilled and successful.


8 Tips To Help You Generate Attraction for Your Network Marketing Business

attractionFor years now network marketing companies pretty much tell you the same story of how you start your network marketing business. You know, everyone knows 200 people, right?  So write down your list and go prospect them. How has that worked for you?

This method of recruiting really does not work that well for most people.  You tend to end up with prospects getting buyers remorse or they don’t work the business.  Either way that is not a successful approach for you.  Unfortunately, 95% of those who start a home based business fail and the primary reason is they didn’t acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for today’s marketplace.

So what’s the answer?  You can use the sledgehammer approach and call enough prospects that you get people joining you or you can turn it around the other way and attract people to you and market YOU, after all there is only one of YOU.

Generating Attraction

In order to generate attraction you want to show that you are offering value and that you demonstrate leadership.  If you don’t show you are a leader and offer more value than your prospect then they will not be attracted to you won’t join you. When you are doing face-to-face meeting the Physical Signs of Attraction are a huge piece of building the relationship.

Be Healthy and Fit

People who are fit and healthy are always going to be more attractive.  It shows that you have respect for yourself and have a positive attitude about yourself.

Dress Well

When you attend meeting or have one-on-ones with people and potential prospects dress well.  Your look and appearance conveys a non-verbal message to other people. Being dressed with little fashion sense or in sloppy clothes demonstrates a lower self esteem and a lack social intelligence.

Be Comfortable with Yourself

You should always be comfortable with yourself and be relaxed in your stance.  You want to send the message that you are confident and in control.

Smile and have a sense of humor

People don’t want to do business grumpy miserable people. Negative energy does nobody any good, so if you feel like a victim, if your unhappy, had an argument with your spouse, leave it home.  Smiling and having fun is attractive to other people.

Don’t be Needy

This is a big one and occurs a lot with people in the network marketing business.  It is important that you feel comfortable with who and where you are and you have a sense of abundance.  If you get attached to a particular outcome people will pick up on this and you will be perceived as having a lower value.

Don’t be affected by others

You need to show yourself as a leader and therefore you don’t need validation from your prospects.  You don’t need to try and impress anybody, react to their emotional tests and definitely don’t  seek attention – Your NOT at High School Now! Remember you are the Leader and people are naturally attracted to Leaders.

Speak with Confidence

Talk with confidence and don’t whisper, you need to talk in a calm and caring way with a good volume that people can hear without straining to hear what you are saying.  Speaking this way shows that you are confident and offer higher value.

Lead Conversations

As a Leader you need to lead the conversations.  You are not a follow but a leader and people pick up very quickly both verbally and non-verbally where you sit in the pecking order.

Learn how to Recruit use Attraction

network marketingThese things are just part of what you need to grow and become someone people want to be associated with and join.  There is some great information out there that can help you become a great attraction based marketer.

Thinks about this quote from Jeff Olson

The question we should be asking. Would I want to be sponsored by me?

If you act on the areas in this article you should be able to answer YES to Jeff question.

There is a great course by Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser on recruiting people into your network marketing business called Black Belt Recruiting.

If you would like more information on recruiting in Network Marketing please contact me and put Attration Marketing in the deatils box HERE

Building Your Home Based Business on a Budget

Everyone starts from the Bottom with Their Business

Everyone when they start their business starts at the bottom, Michael Dell, the owner of Dell computers washed dishes and Sandra Bullock, the actress started as a bartender.

So just remember that as you start your journey on your home based business you are starting like most people at the bottom.  You will hear time and time again the money is in the list.  It is this list you need to build.

 I have No Money to Start A Business

businessNot having money is not a deal breaker it just requires a different approach to your business.  Your cash is a different equity namely your own creativity.  With sites like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter you have something that allows you to generate free traffic like you never had before.  As Mike Dillard said:

The amount of money you make and the people you serve is a direct reflection on your value to the world

This is a good statement to remember if you are going to be truly successful in network marketing. There are some key areas you will need to invest some money in to create your presence on the internet.  Most of these can be built for a very low cost.  These few areas discussed below give you the basics for starting your business online.

A Web Site

First you will need a Web SIte to host your  blog and your capture pages.  You will use your capture pages to capture people’s names and emails for your Business Opportunities. This is how you are going to create your list, when you have 20 plus leads a day your business will transform.  This is the magic number than equates to 2-3 people joining your business each week.

There are many tools and programs out there that allow you to build capture pages for your business.  Please contact me to learn more about these tools and programs that can help you build capture pages and web sites.  The best way is to go to my contact page and fill in the form and put web site in the details box.

To get a Web site you can get a domain with service like Go Daddy.  You can search for domains and register one for about $10. Use a hosting service such as Go Daddy, Hosting Gator etc.  You can even find Free Website Builder services and eventually you can learn how to do Website Optimization, but don’t worry about that to start with.

An Auto-responder

You need an auto-responder as a way of capture those email addresses which is your list!  The auto-responder can be used to send E-mails and  the auto-responder handles all the subscribing and unsubscribing so you don’t have to worry about the Spam laws!

Auto-responders are also low cost in the range of $10-$20 a month.

A Blog

Your own Blog is all important, this is where you are going to deliver value and place calls to action without being overtly sales like. The Blog will also support your Social Media strategy as your articles will be published to your social media sites. Although the articles will disappear down the news feeds they will always be there on your blog.  You should check out Top Blogs by people like ray Higdon for ideas.

Social Media Strategy

You need to pick a social media platform when you start and focus on that.  As you get more experienced you can branch out into multiple platforms.  When you start to use a platform such as Facebook don’t be tempted to go spam everyone otherwise you could end up in Facebook Jail and worse still nobody will be interested in your posts.

You need to build relationships with people on line, talk about different things not your opportunity.  It is just like if you are face to face, you build a relationship and show interest in the other person, just in a digital form.

home based business


Video is powerful and allows potential prospects to get to know and trust you.Finally use video not just on your YouTube or Vimeo channel but place videos on your blog or your social media sites.

By having your video’s on YouTube and Vimeo they can also point people back to your web site.

Video brings you closer to your prospects.

Finally Mike Dillard & Tim Erway wrote a great course about building your business on a budget.  You can check out more about the Building on a Budget, 7 ways to build your network markting business on a shoe string HERE

5 Tips to Improve the Business Card in your LinkedIn Profile

So why should you be using LinkedIn in the first place? It’s not Facebook after all.  But it is different from Facebook with its more Professional approach.  In fact it is the largest professional social networking site in the world. LinkedIn has more than 200 million professional members and many use the site as a virtual Rolodex with every industry represented. B2B and B2C types of business use this social media site which gives the ability to share updates and network with professionals around the world. It is key to give your LinkedIn Profile as higher visibility as you can so you can attract clients and customers for your Business Opportunities.

Define Your Ideal Business Client

To do this you need to understand your ideal client before completing your LinkedIn profile. Why is this? If you don’t understand who your Ideal Client is you won’t know what solutions to offer, how are you going to help them, how you can ease their pain and why they should buy from you? If you can’t answer these questions you are not going to be able to customize your profile to attract them to you in the first place.

Set Your Name and Make an Impression on your LinkedIn Profile

Andy LinkedIn Business Card When you set your name you are looking to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market, try and be unique and creative in how you show your name.  Make sure your name is visible to everyone.  See the example here, this is just one way you can be creative in displaying your name.

Fix your Headline

With your headline you want to do several things with this piece of real estate.  You want to Grab People’s Attention, Create Curiosity or Generate General Interest with your headline. You should be asking questions, or making statements along with including a call to action.

Set Your LinkedIn Business Card URL

In the bottom right hand corner of the Business Card is a URL which references your profile.  By default this is a random generated set of characters.  You want to change this to be something meaningful such as your name.  Obviously if you have a common name you will need to be more creative.  For my LinkedIn profile I have which gives me consistency with my website and other social media profiles.

Make sure your Contact Information is Complete

Contact pageOn the contact page of your LinkedIn profile you will want to review your email, phone number, Skype ID (if you have one) and if you are a brick and mortar business make sure your address is complete. For your Websites use the “Other” category which allows you to enter your own description.  In this description put a call to action such as “Connect with me on Facebook”, “LIKE my Page” or “Read my Blog”.  Then ensure the correct Website is entered. You have the ability to add up to 3 Twitter profiles so you can include your personal and business Twitter accounts.

Make sure your settings are correct

Your settings are all important if you get these wrong your updates might not be going out and nobody will know what you are up to.  Make sure you have enabled you activity broadcasts (unless you are working on your profile), it is important that you allow everyone to see your activity feed so people on LinkedIn get to see your Brand and finally you can decide who gets to see your connections.  Remember if you set it to Your Connections all your 1st Level Connection can see all your connections. Finally if you want more help with your LinkedIn profile contact me HERE

Who Moved Your Cheese a Story of Change

I haven’t read Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson for about 15 years, but it addresses dealing with change in a great way. I came across this book while I was involved in organizational development for a global organization I was responsible for.  At that time we were needing to Managing Changes in the company after the internet bubble had burst.


The Human Condition

The book is about change and how you deal with it.  The human condition basically gets comfortable with the status quo and doesn’t like change.  In the story, the mice live in a maze and getting cheese makes them happy.

So the mice keep going to the same cheese station but when there is no cheese, eventually one of the mice overcomes his fear and goes looking for new cheese stations and the other doesn’t!

Taking this into your own world and the cheese disappearing metaphor can mean many thinks, from jobs to relationships to financial situations.  If you carry on doing what you are doing you will never succeed or improve your current situation.  By identifying your need to adapt you can then start the process of improving your life.

It is all too easy to go back to what is comfortable rather than take on the challenge of change, change is actually good for you but you have to overcome that built in Fear of the Unknown.

Move Beyond Your Fear

When you alter your mind set and begin to trust what lays ahead and not dwell on the past you will get a sense of freedom.  You are not weighed down by the negative things that got you to where you are today.


As an example you are in a job that makes you unhappy, you turn up for work everyday and do what you have to do.  Until you overcome that fear of the unknown and do something about it you will continue to be unhappy.

If you are unhappy at work, guess what you will be unhappy when you get home.  It is not an emotion you can turn on and off. That is why it is important to fix the problem that is causing the unhappiness otherwise it will dominate your life.

As Jim Rohn said

If you don’t like how things are, change it, you’re not a tree

Once you realize why you are being held back you can decide how to make the change. Once you go in a new direction you will have a new spring in your step, you will do things with a new purpose, but this is something that you need to take control of and make the necessary adjustments to your life.

The quicker you can let go of the old habits, the old job, the old relationship, or whatever is holding you prisoner the quicker you can move on to newer better things.

If you don’t alter your behaviors you will continue to do the same old things and will not move forward and improve your own life. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to change a habit.  That is why if you do a cleanse or a detox they typically have a  21 day program as they are trying to alter your eating habits so you don’t just go back to your old ways when you are finished.

The Writing on the Wall

Change always happens in someway or another, you can be involved in that process or you can just be a passenger regardless of if it is good or bad for you.


You always hear people talk about having Your Plan B.  This is all part of anticipating change, don’t be a consequence  like Hem in the book.  Even once change has happened don’t get comfortable as there is always more to come.  Keep your ears and eyes open and take the necessary steps to adapt.  Remain agile! Contact me if you wish to discuss options for Plan B so you can be prepared or make that change.

As with all things in your life and business you want to learn to adapt quickly, the quicker you adapt the better off and happier you will be.  Just be ready to make the changes to meet new challenges and don’t be tempted to go back to the old ways just because you believed they felt comfortable.

I would encourage anyone to read the book, it is about $4 or less from Amazon, then leave a comment to this post about which character you think you align with, Hem, Haw, Sniff or Scurry?  And tell me how you relate to these characters as you have gone through your own changes or overcome a fear?

Generate Leads for Your Home Based Business

The key to running any home based business successfully and easily is to find a way to generate leads. Most Direct Sales companies when you sign up tell to make your list, everyone knows 200 people.  This is your warm market, and people might get a few people signed up, others run a mile especially if you have been in a few companies.

As Diane Hochman, Queen of Attraction Marketing says, you should ensure that these 200 people know what you do and don’t use them as your “Leads”.  If they all know 200 people that 40,000 possible leads.  Now that is a much better warm market.

Free Leads

For those who want to get an access to a large amount of leads that could possibly bear fruit, there are options out there that can prove to be very useful, and many of them do not cost much money.  Most people are connected to social media in someway, internet marketers especially.

So if you are going to grow your business on-line you need to build your on-line presence.  To create your on-line presence you need to do the following:

  • Content
  • WebSite
  • Content Distribution
  • Social Media

Once you have your content you need to have a website to post it so it is available and accessible to people to come check it out time and time again.  If you have your own presence you are in control of the content and how long it is visible.  Social Media you are not in control of its life or visibility.

Your content should include pictures, video, text and of course a Call to Action.  You need to appeal to people and to the search engines.  You need the call to Action as you want to tell people what to go do.


You Website can be a simple blog using Worpress where you post your content.

Content Distribution such as provided by Dnet allows you display your work among the best in the country and the world, and showcase your expertise to other business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

Finally, use social media as a mechanism to distribute your content.  Remember that content on social media such as Facebook has a very short life span.

As with all things you need to be careful in yourMost people are on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and others, all of these give you great ways to promote your content to the “colder” market and this dos not cost you a dime.
approach to people on social media, you just can’t go “friend” everybody and spam them with your offer.  Build your friends engage with them and when you post your blogs they will hopefully read it Like it and share it.


Just like you would meeting people face to face you need to get to know them and build a relationship.  Engagement is king when it comes to Social Media

You can use the Facebook Graph Search tool to look for potential leads.

Paid Leads

You can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin ads buy leads, get involved with co-op’s, do solo ads, etc.

There is a lot you can do here but you need to understand what you are doing otherwise you will spend a lot of money and not get the returns you want.

If you want to a good course on Facebook advertising click the link ==> Facebook Ad Training

Finally, using this basic method regardless of the Business Opportunities you will be able to grow leads for your business.