Two Top Tips from Two Masters

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When it comes to Network Marketing there are a few people out there who are just Masters of their craft.  Here I have some great advice for you on learning and improving your prospecting skills from Eric Worre and Todd Falcone.

Eric Worre

This first video is from Eric Worre and talks about the key to learning in your MLM Company.

Eric talks about the amount you retain based on when you hear it, read it, say it and take action.  But the other aspect is the wash and repeat.

The more you take action and keep repeating the process the more it will be ingrained into your brain and the process will become second nature. Watch the video!

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Todd Falcone

I was on a call tonight with Todd Falcone and he was talking about role playing.  How many of you use role playing to practice your technique for prospecting?  Like any profession the only way you get better is to practice and this is where role playing comes into play.  This way your not  practicing on potential prospects.

This role playing brings up my second video.  Here Todd talks about recording what you say when you are prospecting.  This way your mentor, coach or someone in your organization who knows their stuff can help give you a critic of how you did.  This way you can adapt and improve your prospecting to be more successful.

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5 Books You Must Read

5 Personal Development and Marketing Books

Below I have reviewed 5 books you should read if you are a network marketer, but they are also just as valid for anybody in Corporate America or for a small business owner. These books can be found on all the usual electronic readers such as Kindle Books.

The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson


The Slight Edge is a way of thinking, a way of processing information that enables you to make the daily choices that will lead you to success and the happiness you desire. In the book you will learn why some can make dreams come true while others spend their hours building dreams for others.

You should think of the Slight Edge as the key to unlock all those other how-to and self help books.  If you put the concepts that Jeff talks about into practice you truly can create powerful results. Jeff Olson is also CEO of Nerium International and the inspiration behind the Live Happy movement.

The Magic of Thinking Big – David J Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big gives you useful methods, not empty promises. Dr. Schwartz presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life, and your community.

He proves that you don’t need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction, but you do need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there.

Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

Traditional marketing is interrupt based marketing, it could be that telemarketer or the TV commercial that butts right in the middle of your favorite TV program or family dinner.

Amazon Recommendations

Seth Godin talks about permission based marketing where you are going to turn traditional marketing on its head.  You are going to provide incentives so that the consumer will accept your marketing voluntarily.

By marketing to only those who have an interest in your product or service you are going to build relationships, create trust and build brand awareness.

Seth gives some great examples of companies using Permission based marketing.  Take Amazon, they don’t offer you anything or require any of your information until you buy something.  Once you start buying things they start to work out what you like and offer you suggestions.

Take a look at what Amazon sent me recently based on my recent purchases of a few management books.

Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional – Eric Worre

Over twenty years ago at a company convention, Eric Worre had an aha moment that changed his life forever. At that event he made the decision to Go Pro and become a Network Marketing expert.

Since that time, he has focused on developing the skills to do just that. In doing so, Eric has touched and been touched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Now he shares his wisdom in a guide that will ignite your passion for this profession and help you make the decision to Go Pro and create the life of your dreams.

In this definitive guidebook, you will learn to: -Find prospects -Invite them to your product or opportunity -Present your product -Follow up with your prospects -Help them become customers or distributors -Help them get started right -Grow your team by promoting events -And much, much more.

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

Inspiration comes in a variety of forms, but the root of it grows from a fundamental question asked by those who are able to inspire others. The most important question of all, according to leadership expert Simon Sinek, is: Why do we do what we do?

After examining the ways manipulative leaders motivate their people, such as playing the price game, selling through promotions, using fear tactics, playing on insecurities and applying peer pressure, Sinek describes a better path to inspiration: a leadership model he calls “The Golden Circle.”

The Golden Circle is a series of three concentric circles that starts with a circle in the middle that represents why. The next circle represents how, and the outside circle represents what.   The what and how are easy it is understanding your why that leads to how you can best motivate and lead.

I hope you found this useful and if you want to find more inspirational books please visit my books page.

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Network Marketing are you a professional?

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This blog post on being a network marketing professional has been done entirely by using Dragon Dictate.  Dragon Dictate is a piece of dictation software from Nuance software. This is my first attempt at using this software to create a blog post.

Many people enter into the network marketing  profession when they join a Direct Sales company as a distributor.  The majority of people don’t treat this profession as a true profession but more like a hobby. Many Professional People join Network Marketing Companies but do not always treat them like the profession they are from.  As an example a Doctor does not treat his network marketing business the same way as his doctors practice.

3 Categories of People in Network Marketing

In Eric Worre’s book Go Pro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional he talks about the three types of people who go into direct sales. The posers, the amateurs and the professionals, so which one are you?

The Poser


What is the poser? The Poser is somebody who treats the profession like a lottery ticket. They hope to hit it big with one or two people and when this doesn’t happen they become disgruntled and unhappy with the profession. So if you’re a poser you want to get out of his mode as quick as possible. You are never going to succeed in the direct sales industry on the hopes of one of two prospects turning out to be big meal ticket.

The Amateur

The amateur is one step up from the poser, they focus on several different things, such as luck, timing, positioning and are always looking for some form of shortcut to make their business explode. So let’s look at these four things in a little more detail, firstly let’s look at Luck.

We all want a bit of luck, but running your network marketing business on the basis of luck and finding that big sign-up that is going to change your life is not a good strategy and is definitely not reproducible for others.

The next one on the list is timing, most people when they join a network marketing company become obsessed by timing, are they at the right level, joined early enough, to many other people in the area, did I miss the growth curve, to name  just a few things that people become obsessed about. None of which you are in control of, so why worry about them? Instead you should be focused on what you do have control over and what you can influence about your business.

The third item on my list is position, people become paranoid about that position in the company, are they in the right leg, do I have the right up-line, would I be better somewhere else? Again, once you have joined the company there’s nothing you can do about any of these points other than investing in yourself and become successful.

Finally, the fourth item is looking for that shortcut, you see all those emails and ads on Facebook that say you can make a zillion dollars in 10 minutes by using this wondrous system that prints money for you while you’re asleep. All these tactics end up distracting you from your overall goal of building your business. Like any business to be successful takes time and hard work.

 The Professional

The definition of a professional is “a person who is paid to undertake a specialist set of tasks and to complete them for fee”. To me if you are serious about working in the network marketing industry you want to be a professional as you want to be paid for the work that you do. Eric Worre in his book defined a network marketing professional as “a person who is an expert at the skills required to build a large and successful network marketing organization”

Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers  showed that in  in his research it takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice to reach the expert level in anything that you do.   So if you are new to network marketing and you spend four hours a day practicing your trade it is going to take you seven years to become an expert in network marketing. Lucky with network marketing you can earn while you learn, but don’t get complacent and stop learning while you are earning.

So to become that professional stop worrying about  luck, timing, position and shortcuts, just focus on gaining the skills you need and practice, practice, practice.  By being the inspiration to others you can help them grow their organizations getting them focus on skills that they need and making sure that they practice, practice, practice.

If  you are going to be serious in network marketing then you need to treat it like any other profession and by being a professional you will find network marketing is a great business to be in. If you stay a poser or an amateur you are going to be miserable and just flip from opportunity to opportunity blaming everybody for your lack of success.

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