Setup that Google+ Profile

Google+ Profile

Many people have set up all their profiles on  Facebook  but when it comes to Google+ then haven’t done nearly as much.

Google+ allows the setup of the usual information that you find on most social media sites, name,gender, city where you live, work history, contact details and links to various social media channels and websites.

This short video goes through all the basic fields available within your Google+ Profile.

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Google+ Contributor

One of the most important sections is in the “Links” section.  The section marked as “Contributor To” allows you to define the Web Sites that you author for.  This allows you to claim you Google Authorship for that particular site.

Why is this good?  Once you have Google authorship, Google will associate your picture with any searches that find content on your blog.  This means your content will get better exposure and stand out better in the searches.

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