5 Tips to Improve the Business Card in your LinkedIn Profile

So why should you be using LinkedIn in the first place? It’s not Facebook after all.  But it is different from Facebook with its more Professional approach.  In fact it is the largest professional social networking site in the world. LinkedIn has more than 200 million professional members and many use the site as a virtual Rolodex with every industry represented. B2B and B2C types of business use this social media site which gives the ability to share updates and network with professionals around the world. It is key to give your LinkedIn Profile as higher visibility as you can so you can attract clients and customers for your Business Opportunities.

Define Your Ideal Business Client

To do this you need to understand your ideal client before completing your LinkedIn profile. Why is this? If you don’t understand who your Ideal Client is you won’t know what solutions to offer, how are you going to help them, how you can ease their pain and why they should buy from you? If you can’t answer these questions you are not going to be able to customize your profile to attract them to you in the first place.

Set Your Name and Make an Impression on your LinkedIn Profile

Andy LinkedIn Business Card When you set your name you are looking to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market, try and be unique and creative in how you show your name.  Make sure your name is visible to everyone.  See the example here, this is just one way you can be creative in displaying your name.

Fix your Headline

With your headline you want to do several things with this piece of real estate.  You want to Grab People’s Attention, Create Curiosity or Generate General Interest with your headline. You should be asking questions, or making statements along with including a call to action.

Set Your LinkedIn Business Card URL

In the bottom right hand corner of the Business Card is a URL which references your profile.  By default this is a random generated set of characters.  You want to change this to be something meaningful such as your name.  Obviously if you have a common name you will need to be more creative.  For my LinkedIn profile I have http://www.linkedin.com/in/andyrlockhart which gives me consistency with my website and other social media profiles.

Make sure your Contact Information is Complete

Contact pageOn the contact page of your LinkedIn profile you will want to review your email, phone number, Skype ID (if you have one) and if you are a brick and mortar business make sure your address is complete. For your Websites use the “Other” category which allows you to enter your own description.  In this description put a call to action such as “Connect with me on Facebook”, “LIKE my Page” or “Read my Blog”.  Then ensure the correct Website is entered. You have the ability to add up to 3 Twitter profiles so you can include your personal and business Twitter accounts.

Make sure your settings are correct

Your settings are all important if you get these wrong your updates might not be going out and nobody will know what you are up to.  Make sure you have enabled you activity broadcasts (unless you are working on your profile), it is important that you allow everyone to see your activity feed so people on LinkedIn get to see your Brand and finally you can decide who gets to see your connections.  Remember if you set it to Your Connections all your 1st Level Connection can see all your connections. Finally if you want more help with your LinkedIn profile contact me HERE

The Worpress App

WordPress have an App for the iPhone that allows you to Blog directly from your phone.

By connecting it to your Blog not only can you see your previous posts but can write new blogs.

With the app you can include pictures and video taken with your phone.

Below is a nice picture showing the rainy weather in North Texas at the moment.


And to be complete see the video attached also done from my phone while walking the dog.

If you want to know more about Blogging or other social media tips and tricks CLICK HERE

6 Tips for Attending a Networking Event

networkingHere are a few tips to guide you through the face to face networking maze. Gaining Networking Skills is like anything an education that needs practicing but the opportunity to grow your network is huge.  These events are not a one shot wonder, you need to be consistent and attend regularly.

You go to a Networking Meeting to Give, Not Get

All too often, new entrepreneurs and people new to networking go into a Business Networking meeting thinking it’s their one shot to get someone at the meeting to become their prospect. If you set the stakes to high, you take away all the fun out of the event and put a huge amount of pressure on yourself.

Stop and rethink your mindset. You’re not there to get, you’re there to contribute to the meeting and give value.  You ned to help others or just learn what other professionals are doing.

This little change in thinking will boost your sense of purpose and self-worth and erase that overwhelming pressure. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself having a good time, developing strong relationships and attracting loads of referrals.

Don’t Appear Desperate

For people at a networking event, the appearance of desperation or neediness is a major turn-off. When your main purpose is getting something from the event, you send the message that you’re deprived of something and you’re looking to the person you’re meeting to save you. So no matter how badly you need a new client, you’ve got to set that aside when interacting with others.

Have Real Conversations to get Referralsreferrals

There’s a lot of jargon out there, and these buzzwords block any kind of meaningful conversation or relationship. Yes, you should prepare and practice answers to expected questions like “So what do you do?” But these answers should be simple, natural and in plain English. Your goal is for anyone (not just those in your industry circle) to understand and connect with what you’re saying.

Remember you have to share so you wnat to make sure you learn about other busienss and they will be happy to learn about your business.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

This is a great skill for anyone who can’t stand all the repetitive small talk associated with meeting people the first time. The goal here is to always ask people questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

Pick questions that demand a real answer, like, “How have your marketing challenges changed in the past 5 years?” “What are your customers asking for the most?” and “Why do you think that is?” As a general rule of thumb, “why” questions generate the most interesting answers and conversations.

Limit Your Drinking

You might think that a few  drinks will help you relax and mingle. There’s nothing wrong with a drink or two, but know your limit. When talking with potential clients or referrals, you want to be as sharp, clear and on top of your game as possible, and alcohol doesn’t  help in these areas, people don’t want to talk to someone slurrying their words. Remember, you want to portray yourself as someone others want to work with, not necessarily drink with.

Connect With the Speaker and the Organizer

When you go to a networking event with a speaker.  Get to know the speaker, there is nothing more powerful than an endorsement from the speaker at any networking event.  Get to know the organizer, the organizer knows most people at the event and will be able the best people to network with and the best to get referrals from.

For more information on how to networking groups you can use such service as meetup.com and to find out more about the Author CLICK HERE


Generate Leads for Your Home Based Business

The key to running any home based business successfully and easily is to find a way to generate leads. Most Direct Sales companies when you sign up tell to make your list, everyone knows 200 people.  This is your warm market, and people might get a few people signed up, others run a mile especially if you have been in a few companies.

As Diane Hochman, Queen of Attraction Marketing says, you should ensure that these 200 people know what you do and don’t use them as your “Leads”.  If they all know 200 people that 40,000 possible leads.  Now that is a much better warm market.

Free Leads

For those who want to get an access to a large amount of leads that could possibly bear fruit, there are options out there that can prove to be very useful, and many of them do not cost much money.  Most people are connected to social media in someway, internet marketers especially.

So if you are going to grow your business on-line you need to build your on-line presence.  To create your on-line presence you need to do the following:

  • Content
  • WebSite
  • Content Distribution
  • Social Media

Once you have your content you need to have a website to post it so it is available and accessible to people to come check it out time and time again.  If you have your own presence you are in control of the content and how long it is visible.  Social Media you are not in control of its life or visibility.

Your content should include pictures, video, text and of course a Call to Action.  You need to appeal to people and to the search engines.  You need the call to Action as you want to tell people what to go do.


You Website can be a simple blog using Worpress where you post your content.

Content Distribution such as provided by Dnet allows you display your work among the best in the country and the world, and showcase your expertise to other business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

Finally, use social media as a mechanism to distribute your content.  Remember that content on social media such as Facebook has a very short life span.

As with all things you need to be careful in yourMost people are on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and others, all of these give you great ways to promote your content to the “colder” market and this dos not cost you a dime.
approach to people on social media, you just can’t go “friend” everybody and spam them with your offer.  Build your friends engage with them and when you post your blogs they will hopefully read it Like it and share it.


Just like you would meeting people face to face you need to get to know them and build a relationship.  Engagement is king when it comes to Social Media

You can use the Facebook Graph Search tool to look for potential leads.

Paid Leads

You can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin ads buy leads, get involved with co-op’s, do solo ads, etc.

There is a lot you can do here but you need to understand what you are doing otherwise you will spend a lot of money and not get the returns you want.

If you want to a good course on Facebook advertising click the link ==> Facebook Ad Training

Finally, using this basic method regardless of the Business Opportunities you will be able to grow leads for your business.

SEOPressor V5 Product Review

SEOPressor V5 — What’s New about This WordPress SEO Product?

WordPress Websites are  decidedly one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world today. Even though it is not a free platform, the professional manner of this platform is what makes it more popular. And that is the reason why a lot of online business entrepreneurs are using WordPress. As a consequence of that, several plugins have been released in the market today by which people can enhance the prospects of their WordPress blogs, and SEOPressor is one of them. Now at version 5, let’s take a look at what makes this plugin so mandatory.

SEOPressorSEOPressor has been tested before for both performance and efficiency, and it was found to be well worth all the investment made in it. In any case, people are always looking out for the best possible search engine optimization for their business website, and the fact of the matter is that WordPress SEO cannot get any better than what SEOPressor can provide. If used correctly, SEOPressor won’t just bring a WordPress website to the top page of search engines but it will also bring it to the top of the top page. Results can be expected to figure within the top 3 on the first page.

The Upgrade

In the past, people have had some complaints the previous version was a bit slow. At version 5, the most noticeable aspect is ironically — its unnoticeable presence. SEOPressor V5 runs in the background of WordPress without slowing down the speed of the website unlike most other plugins and its predecessor.

Multiple Keyword Analysis and LSI Recommendations

Calculating keyword density, formatting keywords for search engine optimization, calculating the SEO score of a WordPress Page to determine how well it will be ranked on the search engines, management of content such as posts – all become things of the past.

With SEOPressor Version 5, we’re now able to calculate more than just one keyword at a time for an article. We can rank up to three keywords and with its latest LSI Analysis feature, where it provides users a suggested list of related keywords for them to include into their page, we can now easily boos

t page relevance and get higher chances to dominate result pages. SEO should not be neglected and even Google’s Matt Cutts advocated, “Google does not hate SEO”.

Over-Optimization Check

SEOPressor Version 5 also now solves a huge worry that mean SEO Marketers had in the past. When people used SEOPressor they were afraid of over-optimizing and getting penalized by Google for doing so.

Now, SEOPressor alerts us whenever we’re over-optimized, and we can easily remove a few keywords or font decoration to get back to an optimal SEO score.

Rich Structured Data Support

We always wonder how those rich snippet stars and ratings appear on search result pages whenever we search for certain products, services, recipes, events or even profiles. This is known as rich structured data, and the new SEOPressor V5 supports it.

It allows the user to display the most relevant information regarding their post and Google takes into account visitor behaviour when it comes to providing users the best search experience and the structured data tool would prove to come in very useful in optimizing on-page relevancy. Now it’s even easier to get higher click through rates.

OG Tags and Twitter card Integration

Everyone’s involved in social media and thankfully SEOPressor has updated itself to come with Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter card integration, which helps in social SEO. These play a significant role in the future of Google searches, as mentioned by Google and many SEO gurus – that we should be putting in these tags and twitter microdata into our source codes. But many of us aren’t that html savvy so what SEOPressor V5 does, is that it integrates these codes for us automatically. It’s that simple.

Smart and Automatic Linking

We also know that internal and external links can be a hassle to do, but it’s always essential for on-page SEO. Well, SEOPressor now does it for you pretty much automatically.

Sure, the first time your typical keyword links used would have to be typed in and then saved but when you use the same keyword again, they would automatically be hyperlinked to your saved URL when drafting out newer articles.


SEOPressor has been designed and developed by Daniel Tan, who is one of the greatest search engine optimization gurus in the world today. His products have always been known to over-deliver and for SEOPressor V5 — it’s no different. Not only has the wordpress SEO plugin become more mandatory with its upgrades, its new features definitely sets it apart from any other SEO plugin currently in the market.


SEO Presor

The Power of Attraction

You know when you attend a meeting and you meet somebody who just seems to invigorate you and give you energy?  That person is full of positive forces that attract you to them.  Compare this to someone who is negative and sucks your energy away, you are not attracted to them and don’t want to be associated with them.

There are leadership traits you should posses and regardless of what business you are in is you need to be an effective leader and attract others to what you do or say.

Effective leadership is about being encouraging and making decisions that benefit those involved.  Thinking of others does not mean you disregard your own interests but you don’t think about yourself first.  Self-centeredness comes from the habit of considering yourself first and always talking about “I” becomes obvious to people, which is not attractive. An effective leader has to have the power of attraction and be genuine and trusted.  As a result an effective leader will be able to get buy-in, cooperation and commitment from people.

People are not attracted to aimless drifters, are YOU? I suspect the answer is NO, so if you just drift around in your business are you going to attract others?  NOT LIKELY. The power behind attraction is built on having a clear direction, a firm commitment, a purpose and the resolve to see it through.

A positive self-image is Golden in running any business but especially in Direct Sales.  A positive self-image counter balances the forces of apathy and by positive affirmations you should never let self-doubt enter your comfort zone.

As a leader you need to be aware of how people perceive you, regardless if you think it is right or wrong.  People form impressions of you based on how you dress, how you act and how you present yourself.  This can also change over time, it is not a one stop deal, so you always need to be mindful of these traits, above all else you need to have this as part of the commitments to yourself.

Finally, success breeds confidence, confidence attracts….

In Direct Sales  you see a lot of people try a company, not succeed, quit and blame something or someone else.  YOU never achieve greatness by quitting, look at Thomas Edison, did he quit when trying to make the electric light bulb work and blame somebody else, NO, he kept going until he was successful.

So get a plan and stick to it, focus on the positive and don’t waste energy on the negative and you will be successful and you will attract other too you.