3 Ways to Become a Memorable Networker


When you go to networking events you want to set yourself up to be a memorable networker.

People want to feel appreciated, interesting and valued.  They want to feel good after all.

Making others feel good when they talk with you gives them a positive association and a favorable opinion of you.

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Be  A Communicator

We live in a very distracted society these days and people multitask at every turn. How many of you have written emails while being on a conference call?

You need to be able to clearly communicate who you are and what you do. Some people struggle with this as they have been programed to do a 30 second commercial or elevator pitch rather than be communicative and friendly.networker

When you talk to people don’t sound like a robot or someone reading from the brochure. Talk in a relax communicative way and keep away from industry jargon.

Try and put what you say in a way that the person you are talking to can see the benefits you offer.  As an example don’t say “I’m an account” say, “I hep small business save money on their taxes”

A memorable introduction does not have to be witty or funny but succinct, to the point, easily understood and said with a smile and confidence.

Be a Conscientious Connector

Be remembered, and one way to do that is by being a connector.  People will appreciate your efforts in connecting people to others.

Be prepared to start conversations with people you don’t know and you don’t have to be an extrovert to do this.  Good Conversation Starters can be based on knowing a bit about the host or the speaker and this will allows you to start a conversation.

Lead the way in welcoming new people to the group and introducing them to others in the group.

A new person will appreciate the friendliness and  the introductions to others at the meeting.

Another great aspect of being a conscientious connector is to make strategic introductions.  Find some one from the group and find people who are still looking for referrals or customers.  Understand their needs and introduce them to other members of the group who could help them.

Don’t Forget to Follow-Up on the Follow-Up

We all have that pile of business cards on our desk or in a draw.  We have not followed up because we got busy, got distracted or connectorprocrastinated.  So don’t waste those conversations!

Be timely, 80% of networkers do not follow up on conversations they have had at networking meetings.  Simply by following up, a phone call, a quick email, a card or handwritten note is going to differentiate you from the other 80%!

When you follow up make sure you remind them how you met.  Many people go to many meetings and may not remember how you met.

If you promised to do something MAKE SURE you do what you said you were going to do.  There is nothing worse than not following through with your commitments.

Avoid at all costs adding people to your mail list or newsletter list without their permission.Remember having someone’s business card does not give you permission to add them to your mail list.

Instead send them an email with instructions on how they can subscribe to your mail list or newsletter.

Finally, connect with the people you met at the meetings on social media so you can keep the relationship and conversation going on-line as well.  Remember to personalize your connection request rather than using the generic one in the system. This will help you be that memorable networker.

Make Your Connections Count

This is not the typical book review, Make Your Connections Count is written by 20 contributing authors and is about how to get the best out of your networking efforts.

This review is about the chapter written by Patty Farmer, a great lady and an awesome networker.  She is someone who really understands about making your connections count.


Getting the Most Out of Your Networking Organizations

Patty points out the fundamental tenant of networking is about giving and not expecting anything in return.  This is the biggest concept that so many miss.  I myself have been to many network meetings and have seen people come and go because they feel they can not money from the people there.

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared – Whitney M Young Jr. American Civil Rights Leader

It all starts with the elevator pitch and Patty gives some great tips on what to put in the elevator pitch.  At the end of the day the pitch is about you and what you can do for others.

The One-on-One Meeting

The one-on-one meeting is described by Patty as the most powerful aspect of successful networking.  She gives great advice on what to do before, during and after the meeting.  All this advice is really spot on and allows you to be successful in these meetings.

Patty advises confirming your meeting by email and including the following:

  • What is an ideal referral or client for you?

  • To whom are you looking for introductions?

  • Who are a few good strategic partners for you?

And then of course make sure you tell them about you!

By providing this information ahead of time Patty explains this allows the bulk of the One-on-One meeting to be about getting to know each other.  After all people buy and do business with people they know like and trust.

Finally as it pertains to the one-on-one meeting make sure you follow up within 48 hours on anything you have committed to do at the meeting.

The last section of Patty Farmer’s chapter is about calculating your ROI and ROR.  This gives some great pointers on how you can evaluate your ROI and ROR, none of which are instant.

A last thought from patty Farmer

Networking is a powerful tool for any business and one that needs to be learned, fostered and integrated into your daily life.  Become a master networker and watch your business flourish!

Find out more about Patty Farmer on networking and check out my previous post on networking.

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The 7 Worst Speaking Mistakes You Can Make

Scott Murray speaking at PBN
Scott Murray speaking at PBN

Speaking is a must for anybody in business these days. Now, I am no professional speaker but I stand up at a lot of networking meeting and talk about social media and anti-aging.  Interesting mixture I know, but that is what I do!

Effective Speaking Skills are a must for any business person these days, regardless of if you are a CEO of a large company, a small business owner or a solopreneur.

I have also heard many others talk at events including, business people, up and coming public speakers and of course professional speakers and here are a few of the errors you hear.


Stuttered or repeated words and fillers

When you are in casual conversations with people you probably use a lot of the filler words “Like,” “um,” “er” and the such.

This is fine in casual conversations and often goes unnoticed. But they stick out like a sore thumb when used in professional settings.

Speaking too quickly

This is an obvious one and I have suffered this myself, some people when nervous seem to have the trait of talking too quickly.  Perhaps they hope it is over more quickly that way?

Take a breath when you start speaking it helps to slow you down and will also help you be clearer.

Speaking too quietly

I think this one is obvious, if you are to quiet people are not going to hear you clearly.  If it is hard to hear you will lose your audience

Regardless of the type of voice you have and therefore how well it carries it all comes down to projection.  Projection problems tend to occur when people tighten up, constricting their vocal chords and preventing a smooth flow of air.

Gravelly voice or vocal fry

Gravelly voice or vocal fry occurs when the flow of air in a person’s throat becomes interrupted, and sounds in their speech take on a creaky, gravelly quality.

Why is this a problem?

It becomes a problem as the sound becomes annoying, like a creaking door is annoying.  It all comes down to controlling your breathing as your speaking.

Trailing off at the end of phrases

A common speech pattern in our culture is to trail off toward the end of phrases, clauses, and sentences.  You want to keep your volume consistent even at the end of sentences.  Practice at home and record yourself, that way you can keep your voice strong to the end of sentences.

Uptalk, or phrasing statements as questions

What the hell is uptalk?

Up talk is ending a statement on an upward pitch so that it sounds like a question even when it’s not. Susan Finch, a New York based speech coach claims that a particularly common use of uptalk is when people say someone else’s name.

Speaking in a monotone voice

This is perhaps an obvious one but speaking in a monotone voice is boring and your audience will soon disengage. People want to hear enthusiasm and passion, it shows you love the subject you are speaking on.

Final thoughts on Speaking

Like everything in life it takes practice but you don’t need to be perfect.  There are coaches out their and can get training on Public Speaking.  The most important thing is take action and don’t be afraid of speaking.




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6 Tips for Attending a Networking Event

networkingHere are a few tips to guide you through the face to face networking maze. Gaining Networking Skills is like anything an education that needs practicing but the opportunity to grow your network is huge.  These events are not a one shot wonder, you need to be consistent and attend regularly.

You go to a Networking Meeting to Give, Not Get

All too often, new entrepreneurs and people new to networking go into a Business Networking meeting thinking it’s their one shot to get someone at the meeting to become their prospect. If you set the stakes to high, you take away all the fun out of the event and put a huge amount of pressure on yourself.

Stop and rethink your mindset. You’re not there to get, you’re there to contribute to the meeting and give value.  You ned to help others or just learn what other professionals are doing.

This little change in thinking will boost your sense of purpose and self-worth and erase that overwhelming pressure. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself having a good time, developing strong relationships and attracting loads of referrals.

Don’t Appear Desperate

For people at a networking event, the appearance of desperation or neediness is a major turn-off. When your main purpose is getting something from the event, you send the message that you’re deprived of something and you’re looking to the person you’re meeting to save you. So no matter how badly you need a new client, you’ve got to set that aside when interacting with others.

Have Real Conversations to get Referralsreferrals

There’s a lot of jargon out there, and these buzzwords block any kind of meaningful conversation or relationship. Yes, you should prepare and practice answers to expected questions like “So what do you do?” But these answers should be simple, natural and in plain English. Your goal is for anyone (not just those in your industry circle) to understand and connect with what you’re saying.

Remember you have to share so you wnat to make sure you learn about other busienss and they will be happy to learn about your business.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

This is a great skill for anyone who can’t stand all the repetitive small talk associated with meeting people the first time. The goal here is to always ask people questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

Pick questions that demand a real answer, like, “How have your marketing challenges changed in the past 5 years?” “What are your customers asking for the most?” and “Why do you think that is?” As a general rule of thumb, “why” questions generate the most interesting answers and conversations.

Limit Your Drinking

You might think that a few  drinks will help you relax and mingle. There’s nothing wrong with a drink or two, but know your limit. When talking with potential clients or referrals, you want to be as sharp, clear and on top of your game as possible, and alcohol doesn’t  help in these areas, people don’t want to talk to someone slurrying their words. Remember, you want to portray yourself as someone others want to work with, not necessarily drink with.

Connect With the Speaker and the Organizer

When you go to a networking event with a speaker.  Get to know the speaker, there is nothing more powerful than an endorsement from the speaker at any networking event.  Get to know the organizer, the organizer knows most people at the event and will be able the best people to network with and the best to get referrals from.

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Review of NeriumAD

This is a review of NeriumAD an anti-aging product and is from my perspective and I am sure I have missed huge pieces any women out there would love to know! Having said that I hope you find this review useful.

Background on NeriumAD

The Nerium oleander plant has been identified in ancient texts and folklore for more than 1,500 years for its rejuvenating properties.  It stayed in folklore pretty much until the last century when the scientific community took interest in researching its unique properties.

In the most recent research scientists in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Latin America, and the United States have worked to understand the beneficial qualities found exclusively in the Nerium oleander plant.

It was during this research that one group of scientists using the Nerium oleander plant, made an accidental discovery: the unique properties of Nerium oleander provided remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. This finding led to the creation of the NeriumAD skincare line.

My Experience


I started using Nerium Age Defying Night Cream because my wife thought I should try it, you know 50 is the new 40 and all that!  She was getting amazing results herself so what did I have to lose  but my wrinkles! So I gave it a try.

I had seen the before and after pictures on the website and there are some spectacular results.  Everyone’s skin is different so the results will be different . This picture  shows just one example of the results achieved with NeriumAD, no its not me, but this is a significant improvement for this young lady who had tried many different products.

I also wanted to do a little test of my own and started using NeriumAD on the back of one hand and not the other.  That way I would be able to see how it effected my freckles, wrinkly skin and if one hand feel softer than the other?  I continue to run my little trial to this day.

Although having brown hair and brown eyes I actually have a fairly light complexion and freckles (thanks Dad!).  I don’t tan easily but I can burn without much effort which doesn’t help when you live in Texas!

CosmeticsPeople are getting results with NeriumAD in as little as 5 days others longer just depending on their skin type.  I started to see results in the 10-15 day range and this was when I could see and feel the difference in my skin.

The crows feet to the side of my eyes were definitely softening along with the lines on my forehead. The bags under my eyes have improved and  my overall skin color has evened out. When you apply the NeriumAD you feel your skin tightening, which is normal.

I no longer have those dark blotches of freckles and other hyper-pigmentation marks.  When I compare the backs of my hands I see a significant reduction in the freckles, a softening of the skin and reduction of the wrinkles.  The color on the treated hand is so much more even that the other hand.

How to Apply Nerium AD

nerium day and night

Being a man as most men do skincare is more an after thought or driven by the significant other pushing us than “I most go down the store and buy a skincare product”, but applying NeriumAD is easy.  Just clean your face and leave it damp.

NeriumAD works best when your face is slightly damp, so make sure not to forget this step as the cream is thick and will be harder to apply.  Then go to bed and when you wake up in the morning,  just rinse your face with water.

Then all you need to do in the mornings is shave if you do, apply your NeriumAD Day Cream and you are set for the day. Follow these steps and you’ll see brighter, more youthful skin before you know it!

I have found this skin regime simple to follow and you can keep up with it even if you travel.  The bottle fits in your quart bag and is less than 3oz so it is even TSA Approved!

Finally, If you are interested in learning more about  the Nerium opportunity visit my website.

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