Review of Instaquote

Instaquote Featured Image

You have seen all those fancy pictures with quotes and text on, well here is a simple way to create those images using an app called Instaquote.

Just down load it to your Android on iphone and away you go.

If you haven’t used Instagram before you might want to grab my Getting Started Guide to help you get going.

So what does Instaquote do?

Instaquote simply allows you to add Text to any photo you have on your phone.  You can make any quote standout by adding a great image behind it.

Then you can share your thoughts with the world.

What Instaquote won’t do?

It won’t allow you to rotate the text add fancy stickers to the image.  It is just designed to allow you to add great images to quotes or other sorts of messages you want to share.

How do You use Instaquote?

Simple, download the app.

Start the app, double tap and start typing.

For the rest watch the video, it is a simple to use App and the video will explain the rest.

As with most apps Instaquote is simple to use and you can create awesome looking quotes in seconds.

Sharing with Instaquote

Where can I share my images?

Instaquote Sharing

Instaquote is obviously written for sharing your images and quotes on Instagram but as you can see you can share to Facebook and Twitter as well.

But more than just Facebook and Twitter, Instaquote allows you to save your images to your camera roll, from there you can use them anywhere you like.

The other feature which is awesome, is sharing to “other apps”.

If you watched the video you will see Instaquote picks up on other apps you have on your phone and allows you to share your images with those apps.

Some of the apps I share with are:

  • Flickr
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Evernote
  • iCloud Photo Sharing

Finally, on the sharing front, if you liked your image so much you can save it as your phone background.

Really, the sharing options are endless, all just depends what you have loaded on your phone.

Over to you

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7 Tips to Double Your Pinterest Followers


As a business owner or marketer, you may be asking yourself whether you need to worry about adding Pinterest to your social media strategy.

All depends on if you want to tap into the 70 million users who pin and share content on the site and use it to get recommendations and compare products?

Before we go any further make sure you have completed your profile and uploaded your picture, a head shot would be best, people like to see who they are communicating with.

Make sure you have linked your website, your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your profile and then fill out the Bio so people know what you are about.  Remember that old phrase Know, Like and Trust.  This all helps.

Share Share Share

The more you share and the more you pin content to your boards the more your name will get out the3 simple rules pinterestre.  Remember to pin stuff that will appeal to your follows and supports your brand.

80% of pins are repinned and this is the viral nature of Pinterest.

In a recent survey it was found that red, orange and brown are 2 times more likely to be pinned that blue.  Images with medium lightness are 20 times more likely to be pinned than dark images.

Think about the images you use carefully.

Be Active on Pinterest

Go to the “popular feed” and comment on pins to get your name out there.  The “popular” feed will show the Best Pinterest Pins. Make sure your comments add value so keep away from “nice pin” and similar types of comment.

Don’t comment on posts more than 2 or 3 times a day otherwise Pinterest is going to note you as a spammer and could suspend your account.

Use other Social Media Platforms

So here are some interesting facts for you:

Pinterest produces 4 times more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook

Make sure you have linked your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can share your Pins on Facebook and Twitter.

In your Bio’s on Facebook and Twitter put a link to your Pinterest account.

[ois skin=”Nerium Skin”]

Promote your boards

Make sure your most popular boards are on the top row of your Pinterest account so people can see them without scrolling.  The ones above the fold as to say.  You can simply drag and drop the boards to get them in the order you want.

Invite others to contribute to your boards, this way your board will appear on their account and you will get more exposure and content.

Also think about promoting your most popular boards and not the complete account.

Host a Contest

When you host a contest no matter what, you want the person entering the contest to follow you.  Make sure your prize is proportional to the amount of effort you are requiring them to do.

Make sure you create a pin that has the word “contest” or “giveaway”, the contest end date and what the prize is.

Find out what is popular

You can check what the Best Pinterest Pins from your website by using the following WebSite

You can then find out what is popular and plan accordingly.  You can also go thank people for Pinning your stuff!

Promote your Pinterest

Not only can you promote your Pinterest boards on-line you can promote it off-line.  Incorporate it into your marketing materials, flyers, brochures and signs.  Put your Pinterest information on your business card.

To see my Pinterest account follow the link HERE.


Infographic source:

What About You?

How are you increasing your Pinterest followers? What has been your most effective tactic? If you are new to Pintrest what do you like best about the platform?

Look forward to your insights and feedback on Pinterest in the comments below.