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Do you know your Instagram Statistics?

Instagram Statistics Snapshot

Lies, damned lies, and Instagram statistics? The original quote was possibly associated with Mark Twain but nobody is really claiming it.  He didn’t know about Instagram of course. Got your attention? If you are using social media you need to know how well your postings are working and Instagram is no different to any other[…]

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There is NO Plan B

There is No Plan B

I was recently talking to a friend about people having a Plan B.  You are always hearing about having your Plan B.  In fact I think every Network Marketing company talks about having a Plan B. He pointed out something to me There is no Plan B if you expect to reach your potential and[…]

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It’s Easier Giving Birth Than Raising The Dead

direct sales

No it is not some weird occult reference but a piece of advice when running your Network Marking business.When you start to build your organization some people build their teams quickly some don’t.As Eric Worre says in his video below, you can’t change people, but what you can do is find people who want to[…]

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Speaking to Build Your Network


Being in front of the room speaking is better than being at the back of the room listening for building your network. Why? When you are at the front of the room speaking everyone wants to know the speaker and this can lead to new clients and business. See some tips on Good Speaking Skills from[…]

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The Happiness Advantage

As Jim Rohn says work harder on yourself than you do on your job So one of the books I have be reading recently for my personal development is Shawn Achor Book The Happiness Advantage and in his book he turns the usual doctrine on itswith regard to Happiness.  This is a mindset book that will[…]

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Building Your Home Based Business on a Budget

Everyone starts from the Bottom with Their Business Everyone when they start their business starts at the bottom, Michael Dell, the owner of Dell computers washed dishes and Sandra Bullock, the actress started as a bartender. So just remember that as you start your journey on your home based business you are starting like most[…]

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Just Start Mindset

I had to write this post after spending an hour or so on a mindset call with Diane Hochman.  For those who don’t know her she is the Queen of Attraction Marketing and an extremely successful business woman.  I learn something from her every time I hear her talk. The call was about mindset and[…]

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Improving Communication Skills

It is funny in this day and age of technology people forget how much communication between people is based on Body Language. With just 7% of communication being the words and 55% of communication being Body Language it is important to understand what you are communicating and the messages you are sending. This raises another[…]

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5 Tips to Improve the Business Card in your LinkedIn Profile

So why should you be using LinkedIn in the first place? It’s not Facebook after all.  But it is different from Facebook with its more Professional approach.  In fact it is the largest professional social networking site in the world. LinkedIn has more than 200 million professional members and many use the site as a[…]

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Building Trust to Grow Your Business

I was looking through my library of business personal development books the other day and came across “The Trusted Advisor” by David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford.  I have not read this book since my days working for a software company in their services division.  Although printed in 2002 the concepts are all very valid[…]