10 Best and Worst CEOs

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Reputation Management Consultants have published their Top 10 Best and Worst CEOs.

ReputationManagementConsultants.com, which helps business and political leaders keep their digital personas rosy, has for several years used surveys of business readers and analysis of social media and other online data to compile such lists for its clients. This year, for the first time, it is making the rankings public.

In the Top 10 Best CEOs you will notice that all but two CEOs with the best reputations are entrepreneurs, and just two of the CEOs with the worst reputations are entrepreneurs.

When you look at what creates appeal, you look at Richard Branson, people react to the fact that he has not only been successful but that he comes across as such a genuine person. He enjoys people. He celebrates life. It’s not just the brand. It’s him. He embodies what people would like to think success can be. You don’t have to be all serious and stressed. You don’t have to be a shark. You can win by treating people with respect. By being a good fellow citizen. It’s a great message. The same with Tony Hsieh.

Top 10 CEOs with the Best Reputations

  • Tony Hsieh (Zappos)CEOs
  • Richard Branson (Virgin)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
  • Marc Benioff (Salesforce)
  • Mary Barra (GM)
  • Larry Page (Google)
  • Russel Simmons (Defjam)
  • Tim Cook (Apple)
  • Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post)
  • Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla Motors)

Richard Branson is an interesting man starting his entrepreneur career when he was 16.  Below is an interview he did with TED.

Top 10 CEOs with the Worst Reputations

  • Donald Trump
  • trumpJamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase)
  • Martha Stewart
  • Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!)
  • Ronald Johnson (JC Penney)
  • Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)
  • Mike Duke (Wal-Mart)
  • Dan Cathy (Chick Fil-A)
  • Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs)
  • Brian Harrison (Solyndra)

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Just Start Mindset

think positiveI had to write this post after spending an hour or so on a mindset call with Diane Hochman.  For those who don’t know her she is the Queen of Attraction Marketing and an extremely successful business woman.  I learn something from her every time I hear her talk.

The call was about mindset and how to approach your business, but you could so easily apply this to life in general.  People talk about the billionaire mindset but you don’t have to be a billionaire to have the right mindset.

When Diane ask people to write down what they were good at in the chat box each person put one or two things that they were good at.

When she asked about what they weren’t good at then the list got much longer and it just showed how people can focus on the negative and not the positive. You to need to focus on the positive and what you are good at!


 Have the Positive Mindset to Just Start

One of the things that differentiates Billionaires from the rest, other than the money, is they took action and did something.  They did not plan what they were going to do for ever and a day.

Look at Richard Branson, he started by selling magazines at school when he was just 16, he didn’t sit there planning it all out, he found the opportunity and Just Started.

So what do you need to do in your business is Just Start and take action regardless of what your business is.  Don’t sit there planning the next great thing, my blog, my Facebook Page, my Google+, my You Tube Channel, my LinkedIn, my this or that.

Don’t get me wrong all these can be important to your business but when you get started you need to pick one thing and get going with it and focus.

Have the Mindset to be Consistent

Changing Your Mindset to do something consistently everyday is all important.  If you are not consistent in your business you will never succeed.  It doesn’t matter if you have a brick and mortar business or you are an internet marketer you need to be focused on your business and be consistent everyday to bring you the success you deserve.

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