8 Strategies for Building Abundance Attitude in your Children


My wife and I came to parenthood through adoption.  Just over 5 years ago we adopted two boys from Russia.  They were 12 and 14 when we adopted them.  Now 19 and  17 and getting ready to move out into the world, so they think.

Through our involvement with Nerium International we have taken our boys to the Success for Teens sessions held at the conferences. The Success for Teens book is a great book based on Jeff Olson’s the Slight Edge.  The Success Foundation is an awesome organization making   the Success for Teens book  available for free to any organization working with teenagers.

Fostering a mindset of Creating Abundance in your children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, Doing so helps them realize the world is full of opportunity for those willing to work towards their goals.

abundance1. Reward responsibility

Don’t give rewards for promised future behavior. Reward when the goal is accomplished. Acknowledge the accomplishment and celebrated it.

2. Clarity

Be open about your financial state. Work as a family toward saving for a big item like a dream vacation. Adopt a family mission statement.

3. Everything is a teaching tool

Use economic and financial news as well as the success stories of business owners as conversation starters or as talking points around particular issues. Inspire your children by highlighting positive entrepreneurial stories.

4. Foster support

You’re not necessary the dominant advisor to your children. Kids need some support, mentorship and encouragement from coaches, teachers and other influential people. Find out who your child’s favorites are and encourage their support of your child’s endeavors.

5. Encourage networking and innovation

Connect your children to people who have passion for what they do that’s of interest to your child. Encourage them to set high goals for themselves even if they don’t reach them.

6. Learn business

The greatest teacher and confidence builder is to learn by doing. Encourage your child to take a part-time job, volunteer or start their own business. Programs like Youthpreneur give children business skills whether for their own for profit businesses of for fund-raising.

7. Giving back

Show your children the power of sharing. Volunteering time and resources goes a long way towards teaching an abundant outlook by giving to the less fortunate.

8. Gratitude attitude

Appreciate the things you have. Teach your children to take stock of and appreciate the intangibles like relationships, nature, shared experiences and things that don’t cost money.



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5 Books You Must Read

5 Personal Development and Marketing Books

Below I have reviewed 5 books you should read if you are a network marketer, but they are also just as valid for anybody in Corporate America or for a small business owner. These books can be found on all the usual electronic readers such as Kindle Books.

The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson


The Slight Edge is a way of thinking, a way of processing information that enables you to make the daily choices that will lead you to success and the happiness you desire. In the book you will learn why some can make dreams come true while others spend their hours building dreams for others.

You should think of the Slight Edge as the key to unlock all those other how-to and self help books.  If you put the concepts that Jeff talks about into practice you truly can create powerful results. Jeff Olson is also CEO of Nerium International and the inspiration behind the Live Happy movement.

The Magic of Thinking Big – David J Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big gives you useful methods, not empty promises. Dr. Schwartz presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life, and your community.

He proves that you don’t need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction, but you do need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there.

Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

Traditional marketing is interrupt based marketing, it could be that telemarketer or the TV commercial that butts right in the middle of your favorite TV program or family dinner.

Amazon Recommendations

Seth Godin talks about permission based marketing where you are going to turn traditional marketing on its head.  You are going to provide incentives so that the consumer will accept your marketing voluntarily.

By marketing to only those who have an interest in your product or service you are going to build relationships, create trust and build brand awareness.

Seth gives some great examples of companies using Permission based marketing.  Take Amazon, they don’t offer you anything or require any of your information until you buy something.  Once you start buying things they start to work out what you like and offer you suggestions.

Take a look at what Amazon sent me recently based on my recent purchases of a few management books.

Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional – Eric Worre

Over twenty years ago at a company convention, Eric Worre had an aha moment that changed his life forever. At that event he made the decision to Go Pro and become a Network Marketing expert.

Since that time, he has focused on developing the skills to do just that. In doing so, Eric has touched and been touched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Now he shares his wisdom in a guide that will ignite your passion for this profession and help you make the decision to Go Pro and create the life of your dreams.

In this definitive guidebook, you will learn to: -Find prospects -Invite them to your product or opportunity -Present your product -Follow up with your prospects -Help them become customers or distributors -Help them get started right -Grow your team by promoting events -And much, much more.

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

Inspiration comes in a variety of forms, but the root of it grows from a fundamental question asked by those who are able to inspire others. The most important question of all, according to leadership expert Simon Sinek, is: Why do we do what we do?

After examining the ways manipulative leaders motivate their people, such as playing the price game, selling through promotions, using fear tactics, playing on insecurities and applying peer pressure, Sinek describes a better path to inspiration: a leadership model he calls “The Golden Circle.”

The Golden Circle is a series of three concentric circles that starts with a circle in the middle that represents why. The next circle represents how, and the outside circle represents what.   The what and how are easy it is understanding your why that leads to how you can best motivate and lead.

I hope you found this useful and if you want to find more inspirational books please visit my books page.

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