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Become a Writer – 4 Quick Tips to Help You

notebook for a writer

Do you classify yourself as a writer? After-all, what is a writer? This is one of my occasional articles about writing, if you have a blog believe it or not you are a writer.  You might not be Stephen King or William Shakespeare, but you are a writer and be proud of it! I myself[…]

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Review of Instaquote

Instaquote Featured Image

You have seen all those fancy pictures with quotes and text on, well here is a simple way to create those images using an app called Instaquote. Just down load it to your Android on iphone and away you go. If you haven’t used Instagram before you might want to grab my Getting Started Guide[…]

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5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

This5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

This article gives you 5 Big Mistakes on Instagram that are often made. Instagram achieves one of the highest engagements rates of all the social media channels but these are some of the things you really shouldn’t do. Of course this assumes you want to market on Instagram and are not just using to post[…]

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Review of the Instagram Layout App

Instagram Layout App

I started using the Instagram Layout App recently and thought it was a great simple to use App.  It is great to build those collage style photos and allows you to do it in seconds. Instagram Layout App Below is how the App looks on your phone, well on an iPhone anyway.  I used my[…]

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Consistency is the Key

consitentcy is the key

You Always are Told Consistency is Key You always hear you need to be consistent in what you do. and you need to keep doing this activity everyday. I know some people don’t believe that, it can’t make that big a difference. Well I can stand here in a raining Mississippi and say it absolutely[…]

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Why Your Fans aren’t Following you on Social Media.

Social Media

Say it’s not true, you invest all this time and effort into Social Media and people are not following you?Well according to HubSpot it is true​.  Customers are expecting you to be on at least 3.4 different channels.  Funny thing is those customers are only on 1.6 different channels.Which Social Media Channels?​So which social media[…]

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The Top 40 Socially

social media

Recently KiteDesk did a survey on the most influential people in  social selling marketing masters.  This was published on KiteDesk site as well as an article by Megan M. Biro on Forbes. No surprise who was the number 1 influencer, Gary Vaynerchuck!There were some interesting insights in the Forbes article which I find interesting and[…]

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17 LinkedIn Must Haves

social media

How is your LinkedIn profile? Have you looked at it recently? Don’t worry you are not alone, only 42% of people update their LinkedIn profile regularly.  So if haven’t done yours, you are in the majority!  Here are some elements you should consider when you review your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn Business Card The first[…]

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7 Tips to Double Your Pinterest Followers


As a business owner or marketer, you may be asking yourself whether you need to worry about adding Pinterest to your social media strategy. All depends on if you want to tap into the 70 million users who pin and share content on the site and use it to get recommendations and compare products? Before[…]

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How to Figure Out Your Target Market


The key to running a successful blog is to know your readers backwards, sideways and forwards. You should write your content exclusively for them and in order to do that, you have to know their likes, interests, concerns and so on. If you’re not getting the level of engagement that you want out of your[…]