5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

This5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

This article gives you 5 Big Mistakes on Instagram that are often made.

Instagram achieves one of the highest engagements rates of all the social media channels but these are some of the things you really shouldn’t do.

Of course this assumes you want to market on Instagram and are not just using to post photo’s of the dog.

Mistakes on Instagram

This list of Mistakes on Instagram is not exhaustive but I do consider them to be the BIG ones.  So read on.

Lets start at the beginning.

Use a Meaningful Username

If you are serious about marketing using Instagram you need a username that is meaning full like your name or your business name if you can get it.  You want it to be easy to find.  Always a good suggestion is to use your Twitter username.  Mine is slightly different as I could get the same username.

My twitter handle is @andrewrlockhart

and my Instagram username is @andyrlockhart

Don’t Set your account to private

On Instagram you can set your account to be private.  If you are going to market on Instagram your account must be public or else nobody is going to see your stuff!

Post Photos One After AnotherThis5 Big Mistakes on Instagram

I have heard one school of thought that says you shouldn’t post more than once a day.  That is simply not true.

When you post you need to leave time for your photo or video to be seen and interacted with.  If you want more engagement you need to leave at least an hour or so between posts.

Ignoring Your Followers Comments

You ignore your followers comments at your peril.

You ignore the comments you are ignoring your business.

As people comment on your posts you need to respond and grow the dialogue.  This is all about building the know like and trust factor.

When you do respond make sure you use @theirusername in the comment so they see you have responded in their notifications.

This will definitely help grow your engagement.

Buying Followers

Just like any social media channel, buying followers is a disaster.  You will get comments on your photo’s of people offering you followers for a price.  Don’t go there!

Spend your time building a following of people who will be interested in what you have to say.  Then you will get people who will Like and Comment on your photos.

Which leads to building that all important relationship.

Over to you

I hope you found this article on 5 Big Mistakes on Instagram useful and make sure you don’t ignore them.

Please don’t buy followers!

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Consistency is the Key

consitentcy is the key

You Always are Told Consistency is Key

You always hear you need to be consistent in what you do.

and you need to keep doing this activity everyday.

Raining MississippiI know some people don’t believe that, it can’t make that big a difference.

Well I can stand here in a raining Mississippi and say it absolutely does make a difference.

For various reasons which I won’t get into here I haven’t written a blog article for a few months and my site has dropped in rankings from being ranked in the US in the top 60,000 websites to now in the Millions!

Now who says activity doesn’t count?

This is of course one little example, but if you create follows or fans and you only communicate with them once in a while what will happen.

They may not even know you are there anymore or worse and more likely they are not going to follow you.

Consistency is the Key


So why aren’t people consistent?

Can be many reasons and excuses, lack of organization, procrastination, that To-Do-List is to long, lack of time management, writers block, to busy.

I could go on and on but you need to take action on what ever is stopping you.

Create yourself a daily routine and stick to it.  If you are going to blog, post on social media allocate a time to write the articles and then use a publishing calendar to make sure everything goes out when it should do.

This will help drive consistency.  If you look at Ray Higdon, he publishes a Blog article everyday and has done for ages.  Come, rain, shine, events, travel he gets his message out there everyday.

It doesn’t need to be a long article, it can be video, audio on whatever you are happiest to use.

Which obviously leads to what do I want to say or write about?

What is your passion?  Write about that, just don’t use writers block as an excuse.  If you get into a daily routine that won’t be a problem.  As Jerry Seinfeld says

Writer’s block is a phony, made up, BS excuse for not doing your work.

Consistency is the Key to success, don’t find excuses.

Consistency in Social Media Activity

The same applies with Social Media, doesn’t matter what channels you are using if you don’t post regularly your account will become dead and eventually won’t get seen anybody.

Although social media can be fun it’s important to remember that you have to work social media if you want it to work for you.

Regardless if you are using Social Media for your business, your hobby or just sharing your musings it won’t get seen so get yourself into a routine and make sure you stick to it come rain or shine.  You will reap the reward.

Find that True Passion

If your motivation is purely the money it is probably not going to work.  You need to find that True Passion that will really motivate you.


When you find that passion it will allow you to produce and go that extra mile to get people enthused about what you do and become a fan.

Once someone is a fan you make them into a raving fan and they will follow what you do and be an advocate for you.

Then they will be coming to you which brings me back around to that whole attraction marketing concept.  Attracting people to you for who you are, how you help people and what you stand for.

Not for trying to sell them something or force something down their throat!

Consistency Leads to becoming a Master

If you are consistent every day, every week,every month you will become a master at your trade. Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers  talked about needing 10,000 hours to be an expert in your profession regardless of that profession.

By being consistent you will reach that goal and be that expert

So set yourself some meaningful goals, set yourself a schedule and publish content and create new connections every day and you will grow yourself and your brand.

Let me know your thoughts and leave a comment.  If you liked the article please share on your social media channels.

Do you use Camtasia?

camtasia banner

Do you use video on your blog yet? With the Internet continuing to lower our attention spans and the fact that everyone has their own learning preferences, adding a bit of variety to your blogging routine will not only spice up your blog, but may just help attract new fans and followers as well. 

Of course, you already know that. But you’re likely held back by one of the biggest drawbacks to video blogging: fear of the camera. Here’s the good news – with Camtasia, you can create and edit engaging, informative, and entertaining videos for your blog without ever getting in front of the camera.

[ois skin=”Nerium Skin”]

The video below was made with Camtasia and is an example of what you can do.  You can see other examples on my YouTube Channel. Camtasia is available for both Mac and PC.  There are some differences in functionality but is mostly the same.

Planning the Perfect Video Blog

The first thing you should do before firing up Camtasia is to create an outline. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but you do want enough info jotted down so that once you start recording, you’ll remember all the key points you want to cover.

Since Camtasia is primarily a screen-capturing tool, chances are you’ll be showing your audience several webpages or apps. Save some time and get this set up beforehand. Not only will it save time, but it was also prevent any mishaps such as typing a URL incorrectly during the recording process.

Making that kind of mistake certainly won’t ruin your video, but it might fluster you enough that you feel self-conscious about it, so taking this extra step will help your vlogging confidence level.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Now that you know what you’re going to cover, it’s time to start recording. Simply click on the record screen button to begin. Camtasia will offer a few presets, such as full screen, 640 x 360 pixels, and some other common sizes. You can choose a preset or drag the edges of the recording area to suit your own needs.

camtasia image

If you’re going to be talking during the recording, make sure that you have audio enabled before you begin recording.

Again, Camtasia offers several options here based on your computer’s sound card and microphone, so be sure to test out a few variations to find the audio setting that gives you the best quality sound.

Camtasia does give you the option to add audio narration after your video has already been recorded. So, if something happens and you don’t capture your voice, know that you can still do it at a later time.

Now it’s time for action. If your video is a ‘how-to’, start the process of what you’re teaching your audience.

For example, if you’re teaching them how to create custom menus using a menu widget in WordPress, then go through the entire process of how to do it step-by-step. Teach them exactly how it’s done.  These types of videos are an excellent source of content for your audience.

Post Production

Once you’ve finished recording your video, it’s time for a little post production. You can spend as much time here as you like, adding fancy transitions between scenes, cutting out all your “ums” and “ahs”, and zooming in to highlight important steps. Camtasia makes all this incredibly easy with a full-featured suite of editing tools.

But also keep in mind that your audience might not demand such polish. Sometimes the best video blogs are those that let your true personality shine – including your little speech idiosyncrasies. So don’t spend hours and hours in post production. That will only make you dread video blogging in the future. Instead, have a little fun with it, and send it out to the world.

To get TechSmith Camtasia for Mac Click Here

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