How did I get here from there?

I was born in the UK, went through the public school system and graduate from university.  Sort of what we are programmed to do.

Then it was Corporate England, which I can assure you is the same as Corporate America.

Check out my video for an introduction to me and where I cam from and where I am today.

How have you changed since your first job and what was the event that changed you?

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What makes people successful?

I listened to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers and found it really interesting. I have the audio book so I can listen to it in my car or when I am stuck on a Malcolm Gladwellplane.

Firstly, you need to spend 10,000 learning your trade, regardless of if you are a brain surgeon, rocket scientist, network marketer, CEO of Microsoft or leading player in the NHL.

So you may think that some of these Outliers are just so unbelievable that there is no way you or I could do that.  Maybe so or may not be.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and founded Microsoft. But actually he had access to a computer terminal from the age of 13.  Big opportunity back in 1968.

So it is not only talent it is timing and opportunity, and that opportunity could be, as Bill Gates had access to a computer terminal in 1968, could be when your were born, the month you were born or where you grow up.


Watch the video as I discuss Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

So don’t measure yourself against the outliers, we all don’t have the same opportunity, but we can make sure we work towards that 10,000 hours and become that expert.

You might not be the same as the outliers in the book, so what are you doing to develop yourself and your business?


Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

Gary vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk has become famous in social media circles every since he took his wine business to the next level using social media.  Gary Vaynerchuk Book the Thank You Economy was a Best Seller. Now he has a 300 person social media marketing empire.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s New Book

His new book is about how to sell your story on social media and tell it in the right way across the various social media platforms. Fundamentally, this is teaching you how to be of service, You could call it give give give, then ask.

VaynerMedia is Gary’s company and they provide services to some of the biggest companies on the planet.  It is VaynerMedia who are implementing the social media strategy for the likes of GE.  Go see what is on GE Facebook Page or their Twitter Feed.

Marketers have never had so many opportunities and challenges to engage the right customer in the right way with the right context. In his no-nonsense way, Gary Vaynerchuk offers important advice on how social media can make your business better. – Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer of General Electric

 Gary Vaynerchuk interviewed by Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi is a best selling author and CEO of a strategic consulting firm.  He interviews Gary about the book and allows Gary to talk about some of his experiences.

In the interview Gary gives great insights into the stories that are in the book. For example, he talks about telling your story and not using Twitter and Facebook as a new form of Email Blasts!  This is so true how many people just post link after link after link?

In the interview Gary gives an example on how to use the philosophy of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

You know how you sell a book? You tell the story about the book for the 9 months before you launch the book, then ask for the sale – Gary Vaynerchuk

Interestingly Gary talks about a couple of social media platforms that you should use that are not talk about that much in Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.

These platforms are SnapChat and Instagram.

Most people think SnapChat is for a bunch of teenagers sending pictures to each other. SnapChat fixes the attention issue in social media because to see the picture you need to hold the button down and see the picture for 10 seconds.  That is a whole 10 seconds compared to the less than a second that you might get with Facebook or Twitter.

I would highly recommend reading Jab Jab Jab Right Hook an check out Snapchat and Instagram.



Network Marketing Training

network marketingI have been doing Network Marketing for a number of years and I think all the Network Marketing Companies have used the standard formula for any new recruit.  You may have experienced it yourself?

You get handed the book and told to write the names and phone numbers of the 200 people you know?  You may even have had your up line push you to get that done.  Trouble is that a large number of your 200 people are probably not people who will join a network marketing company.

I know for me I could eliminate a bunch of those names, they  would never be interested, were just happy with where they were and the final group were never going to start their own home based business.  You have to learn who is worth prospecting and investing the time in and who is not.

If you want to know more about recruiting please go check out my article on recruiting for your network marketing business.

Network Marketing and the Internet

So your next stage is probably to go use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.  Some people blast all over their personal Facebook page about their business opportunity and all they do is get ignored by heir friends and family and even end up in Facebook jail.

Don’t get me wrong all these social media channels are great for getting leads but you need to approach it in the right way.  If you went to a networking group , walked up to the first person you saw and said buy my product, you probably got a NO or a Hell NO.

So why would you do that on Facebook?  You need to connect with people and build relationships, there are plenty of opportunities out there if you take the right approach.

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Marketing Strategies

Network Marketing and Training

Like with any career you need to make sure you have the right Job Training that is relevant to the career you have chosen, this applies to Network Marketing as much as to any other career.

Where do you go to get the training?  There are many offerings out there in terms of how to market and how to use social media platforms, these are offered by all sorts of people with all sorts of experience.  Make sure what you use is credible and is updated regularly. There is nothing worse than using out of date training material in the dynamic world of the internet.

Why does it need to be updated?  Well social media platforms like Facebook regularly change their algorithms on how certain aspects of the platform work.  If you use out of date training you may not get the results you are looking for.

Your education is all important and you will only get better by learning more, as Jim Rohn said

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job

In the video I talk about one of the platforms I would recommend MyLeadSystemPRO or MLSP. MLSP offers way more than training depending on the level you join the program at.

Even at the entry level access to all the training, the webinars and the system campaigns provides a great baseline for your own training as well as a way to start growing your internet based business. MLSP Academy  which is the entry level not only gives you access to loads of training but also you get access to weekly training webinars by some really great people.  It is well worth the investment in yourself.

Finally, Find a Mentor

For me one of the biggest things that helped me was finding a group of mentors who have been in the business for a while and have success marketing on the Internet.  I am not talking about the “Gurus” necessarily but people who are just plain  successful and can help guide and advise you.  I now have 8-9 people I seek advise from, who care about what they do and care about making others successful.

These are not people who are in my primary business up line but people who are successful in their own business and use the internet to generate leads and move people from cold market, to warm, to prospect to customer.

If you would like to know more about the Network Marketing Training goto my contact page and put Training in the Details box.

Building Your Home Based Business on a Budget

Everyone starts from the Bottom with Their Business

Everyone when they start their business starts at the bottom, Michael Dell, the owner of Dell computers washed dishes and Sandra Bullock, the actress started as a bartender.

So just remember that as you start your journey on your home based business you are starting like most people at the bottom.  You will hear time and time again the money is in the list.  It is this list you need to build.

 I have No Money to Start A Business

businessNot having money is not a deal breaker it just requires a different approach to your business.  Your cash is a different equity namely your own creativity.  With sites like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter you have something that allows you to generate free traffic like you never had before.  As Mike Dillard said:

The amount of money you make and the people you serve is a direct reflection on your value to the world

This is a good statement to remember if you are going to be truly successful in network marketing. There are some key areas you will need to invest some money in to create your presence on the internet.  Most of these can be built for a very low cost.  These few areas discussed below give you the basics for starting your business online.

A Web Site

First you will need a Web SIte to host your  blog and your capture pages.  You will use your capture pages to capture people’s names and emails for your Business Opportunities. This is how you are going to create your list, when you have 20 plus leads a day your business will transform.  This is the magic number than equates to 2-3 people joining your business each week.

There are many tools and programs out there that allow you to build capture pages for your business.  Please contact me to learn more about these tools and programs that can help you build capture pages and web sites.  The best way is to go to my contact page and fill in the form and put web site in the details box.

To get a Web site you can get a domain with service like Go Daddy.  You can search for domains and register one for about $10. Use a hosting service such as Go Daddy, Hosting Gator etc.  You can even find Free Website Builder services and eventually you can learn how to do Website Optimization, but don’t worry about that to start with.

An Auto-responder

You need an auto-responder as a way of capture those email addresses which is your list!  The auto-responder can be used to send E-mails and  the auto-responder handles all the subscribing and unsubscribing so you don’t have to worry about the Spam laws!

Auto-responders are also low cost in the range of $10-$20 a month.

A Blog

Your own Blog is all important, this is where you are going to deliver value and place calls to action without being overtly sales like. The Blog will also support your Social Media strategy as your articles will be published to your social media sites. Although the articles will disappear down the news feeds they will always be there on your blog.  You should check out Top Blogs by people like ray Higdon for ideas.

Social Media Strategy

You need to pick a social media platform when you start and focus on that.  As you get more experienced you can branch out into multiple platforms.  When you start to use a platform such as Facebook don’t be tempted to go spam everyone otherwise you could end up in Facebook Jail and worse still nobody will be interested in your posts.

You need to build relationships with people on line, talk about different things not your opportunity.  It is just like if you are face to face, you build a relationship and show interest in the other person, just in a digital form.

home based business


Video is powerful and allows potential prospects to get to know and trust you.Finally use video not just on your YouTube or Vimeo channel but place videos on your blog or your social media sites.

By having your video’s on YouTube and Vimeo they can also point people back to your web site.

Video brings you closer to your prospects.

Finally Mike Dillard & Tim Erway wrote a great course about building your business on a budget.  You can check out more about the Building on a Budget, 7 ways to build your network markting business on a shoe string HERE

Improving Communication Skills

CommunicationIt is funny in this day and age of technology people forget how much communication between people is based on Body Language.

With just 7% of communication being the words and 55% of communication being Body Language it is important to understand what you are communicating and the messages you are sending.

This raises another important point for all you Internet Marketers, and that is video. Attraction Marketers like Diane Hochman talk about the importance of video so people will “know you” as they have seen and heard you.

There is another aspect of video which like face to face is important and that is your Body Language. Do a video with your arms crossed and what impression do you think you are sending?

Human Desire in Communication

There are some basic desires of the human, to be liked, to be understood and to be heard.  When you are communicating with someone you need to be able to fulfill these desires, mostly non-verbally.  If I look at some of the decisions my teenagers make, it is driven by one of those three desires.

The Desire to be Liked

From a very young age we all have a desire to be liked, when you started at school as soon as another kid smiled at you they were your friend!  This simple act of smiling attracts people and shows you have an interest in them and from there the bonds of friendship grow.

Deep down regardless of where we come from or our experiences we have a burning desire to be liked, but getting people to like us is a more unconscious process, than perhaps you think.  The people we like most are the people we have more in common with.  If you look how most job recruitment happens, people hire people who are like themselves.  Having worked in companies across the world I can assure you this is exactly what happens.

People like people who behave like themselves, sound like themselves, speak like themselves and when they look at these people they see themselves in that person.  Most of this is happening sub-consciously, so do opposites really attract in the human world?

So what techniques should you use to build those relationships and be liked? Here are a few techniques to try:

Raised Eye Brows and Open Eyes – This shows openness and interest in the other person.  When we are physically attracted to someone our eyes are wider and our pupils dilate!

Smile – This shows you are friendly, happy and interested in the person you are about to talk with!

Pointing the body – Facing your body towards the person you are talking with shows you are open.  You should have your shoulders, knees and feet all pointing towards the person you are talking with.

Touch – Touch always helps to create a bond, as touch triggers release of endorphins in the brain which helps us feel better and give us energy.

The Desire to be Understood

communicationThe desire to be understood is huge and if you have ever been in a foreign country and have tried to communicate in that country’s native language you can struggle.  You become frustrated, maybe angry and have some pain at your inability to be understood.  As with the desire to be liked, sending the right non-verbal queues is important.

You need to make sure you are pointing towards the person you are speaking to, you are focused on them, you are looking at them and of course you can make physical contact, like a handshake.  The other key point is to control your speech, how fast you talk, how clearly you pronounce your words and make sure you are looking at the person you are talking to.

I have been in many countries and have experienced this first hand, when I was in Japan I had to face the translator so she could properly translate for the other people in the room.  Why I mention this is because it was strange not to face the people you came to meet but to face the translator.

The Desire to be Heard

With the desire to be heard you are wanting to make sure the person you are talking to feels they are being heard.  There are several techniques you can employ to make sure the person you are talking with achieves this desire.

You want to make sure you keep constant eye contact when they are speaking, if the place you are in is loud, lean in closer to the person you are speaking with, this shows you are paying close attention.

Every few minutes you should nod and smile and encourage the person with words of praise and always encourage the person to continue.

Finally, if you have a question, don’t interrupt, but raise your index finger to the outside of your lips and when the person looks at you and pauses you can ask your question without being rude or interrupting.

These are just a  few points on a very large subject, I will leave you with one last thought from Nelson Mandela:

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

If you want to learn more about communication and marketing success contact me HERE and receive a FREE list of books that are worth reading on the subject of Communication and Body Language.

The Worpress App

WordPress have an App for the iPhone that allows you to Blog directly from your phone.

By connecting it to your Blog not only can you see your previous posts but can write new blogs.

With the app you can include pictures and video taken with your phone.

Below is a nice picture showing the rainy weather in North Texas at the moment.


And to be complete see the video attached also done from my phone while walking the dog.

If you want to know more about Blogging or other social media tips and tricks CLICK HERE