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The 6 Steps to growing your Sales Funnel using Social Media

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For time in memorial people have sold things to customers by engaging customers through various levels of marketing in what has long been referred to as the “Purchase Funnel" or a "Sales Funnel"

Now, brands and companies need not only to create repeat customers–they need to create customers who will recommend products and brands and refer them to their friends.

In essence they become brand ambassadors, willing to recommend the brand online on social media, directories and review sites.


It all starts with building brand awareness.  This is achieved through posting compelling content on the right social media channels.

Use of Facebook, Google and Twitter advertising to ​drive engagement from your ideal customer.

To understand the best channel ​needs the marketer to understand their ideal customer avatar.


Creating Interest requires creating engagement with your community or tribe.

​By posting valuable content on a regular basis and engaging with your followers you will build your tribe.


Conversion is about getting people to give you their email address.  To do this you need to offer the customer something for their email address.

This is done through a Landing Page which gives the customer something for free for their email address.

With the use of remarketing pixels installed on your Landing Page you can continue to advertise to Customers who visit you Landing page but do not give you their email address.

This is very powerful in terms of highly targeted advertising.

It allows you to market to people interested enough to visit your landing page but​ who have not signed up for your offer.


After getting your offer or attending a webinar or other incentive the customer purchases your product.

They have now become a customer and by continue social media engagement you maintain them as a happy customer!​


Loyalty is driven by customers continuing to view your content and take advantage of your offers and special offers.

By continuing to offer the customers these additional offers in generates Loyalty to your product and brand.​


Advocacy is the Holy Grail, when you turn customers to advocates you have made it.

Once a customer becomes an advocate they recommend your brand post recommendation, leave positive reviews and recommend you o friends and family.​

This gives you social proof and grows your customer base without any cost to you.  This is the true viral nature of social media in growing your business.​

Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media

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Over to You

How do you use Social Media to fill your sales funnel?  What do you do to drive customer engagement on social media?  Leave a comment on what has worked for you?​

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I am a marketer and social media consultant passionate about helping people development themselves and their business. I believe everybody has it in them to succeed at their passion regardless if that is through a Direct Sales Opportunity or a brick and mortar business. Either way I love to see people be successful and I like to take the mystery out of the social media and getting discovered on the internet.
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39 thoughts on “The 6 Steps to growing your Sales Funnel using Social Media

  1. This is a superb, comprehensive infographic, Andy. I prefer your post to the one it links to though because you give more explanation.

    I think I’m lucky in that I didn’t get into marketing until after the advent of social media and the newer marketing techniques. I didn’t have any of the older methods to unlearn.

    One thing that remains true is success coming from personal contact. It used to be just talking face to face or on the phone. Now we have instant messaging, Skype, hangouts … too.

    But first you need to find the contacts to have that personal contact with. That’s were the new methods become so important.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Brand Your Head – It’s Quite PainlessMy Profile

    1. Sue, Thanks for the comments. You are right, at the end of the day you need to build the know like and trust! It is just how you meet people has changed dramatically. Thanks Andy

  2. Great infographic, made it much easier to understand the concept. I agree we do expect every business now to have a presence on the internet. I use social media every day, in fact that is really my main way to promote my product. I have bookmarked this to come back to again, thank you.
    Lisa Scott recently posted…The Truth about CarbohydratesMy Profile

    1. Lisa, you are welcome. The fact is every business has to use the internet today to be successful. This makes it easy for anybody to understand. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Wow, Andy! This was so completely thorough and the info graphics are AMAZING. Thank you sincerely for all the info!

    1. Your welcome I’m glad you found it useful.

  4. I love a good visual… and the one offered in your post is great! Together with your explanation, I find your post to be very inspiring! The world of online marketing is every changing and rather exciting! Thanks for the nicely packaged info.
    Dawn Golden recently posted…Practicing Gratitude Is A GiftMy Profile

    1. Dawn, you are very welcome. Love to find Infographics that help explain things in an easy to follow way. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hey Andy,

    A lot of people do not know what to do when it comes to creating a sales funnel. This post here definitely gives a great foundation on the process and what entrepreneurs can do to build one using Social Media. I like the fact that you added an Infograph here as well just to give your audience a visual of how it works!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Your Free Blog Theme Can Give You ProblemsMy Profile

    1. Thanks Sherman, I love Infographics for explaining things. It makes it so much easier for people to visualize. Thanks for the comment

  6. First, you have to find people who need and want what you have to offer, and once you do that, the sales funnel is the system for conversion. Thankfully, today there are quite a few organizations to help people starting out, with training and premade, plug and play, sales funnels to use. If only they had been around all those years ago when I started and all we had was a big fist and a white board. Great information here.
    Mary Austin recently posted…Include A Call To Action In Your Video Or Blog Post For Best ResultsMy Profile

    1. Mary, today there is so much more around and so many more tools. I can only imagine what it was like with a white board!
      Andy Lockhart recently posted…The 6 Steps to growing your Sales Funnel using Social MediaMy Profile

  7. Great advice and Infographic Andy! Up until now my site has been primarily to build my author platform and selling my books took place on sites like Amazon. I’m in the process of setting up an eCommerce solution and while the books will be included the primary reason is to market upcoming courses. So, this advice will come in handy! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Healing Broken Hearts One Lick at a TimeMy Profile

    1. Timing is everything, thanks for your comments
      Andy Lockhart recently posted…The 6 Steps to growing your Sales Funnel using Social MediaMy Profile

  8. Great post and a fab Infographic, tells me everything i need to know in a clear and concise manner, did you create that infographic?
    Dexter Roona recently posted…Circloscope Guide And TutorialMy Profile

    1. Thanks, no I didn’t I found it, if you look at the bottom I credited where it came from. Just keep my eyes open and add my own thoughts.

  9. I love this infographic – – awesome! How do I use social media to fill my sales funnel? I post my free offer on social media, include links to my free offer in my profiles, and have an opt-in tab on my Facebook page. I’ve also used Facebook ads. I share my blog posts on social media and all of my blog posts have an opt-in box for my free offer. How do I drive customer engagement on social media? I post things that are engaging and that will get interaction going, including quotes, images, images with quotes, questions, funny stuff and other things which will build community and bring more people into that community.

    1. Sounds like you have it all under control, which is great.


  10. All of this is spot on. I’ve heard this in conferences. I will note, be careful of what you are blogging and check this against any copyscape type services because there are a lot of scarily similar sentences to some people I’ve known and have been friends with since I began blogging more than a decade ago.

    I don’t want you to feel intimidated… I was just concerned as some of this was eerily familiar to others. It’s great that you are on the right page though 😀
    Nile recently posted…Blog Ideas for Photography BloggersMy Profile

    1. Nile, the Infographic comes from a sharable source but the content was unique. Thanks for the note, and I know it happens alot, I alwys try and keep my content unique, get my pictures from royalty free sources etc.



  11. Hi Andy,

    Oh yes I do use social media as part of my sales funnel. Actually I have two. One that is email based and one that comes in from social media.

    Two different lists, pertaining to two different audiences, but both are the same product!

    I’m sure glad I learned how to use social media as part of my sales funnel. Now I can measure the two.

    Engagement is the key on any sales funnel and also over delivery!

    donna merrill recently posted…Guest Blog Post | Lesly FedericiMy Profile

    1. Donna, you are so right on your two points, engagement and over delivery. Thanks for the comment.

  12. Andy: As always you offer so much useful information and advice. A great way of looking at the components of my sales funnel. Especially grateful for your finding such explanatory infographics. Thank YOU, Thank YOU, THANK YOU. prp
    Peter Pocklington recently posted…Getting THE WORD OutMy Profile

  13. I absolutely loved the infographics. They really broke down the material into a form that I really understand. There is a ton of marketing tips and information to the point of being overwhelming. You streamed it down to key, understandable information. I am definitely bookmarking this page.

    1. Infographics are great tools for getting the message across.


  14. Excellent post Andy!

    Your six steps are extremely practical and fairly easy to implement.

    Under your conversion category, you mentioned installing remarketing pixels on your landing page. This process I’m not currently familiar with.

    That’s definitely something worth looking into. BTW, I really like your infographic.

    I also really like your term brand ambassadors! Without a doubt everybody can certainly use more of those!

    And your proven blueprint looks a giant first step in learning how to strategically get the process started!

    Thanks for sharing your proven insights.
    Mark recently posted…Why These Examples Of Target Marketing Really Work! Part FourMy Profile

    1. Mark

      Thanks, many people get so confused about social media and how to build it into a sales funnel. I am glad you found it of value.


  15. Excellent post, Andy, and I really like your Infographic. I like the way you have taken it and broken it down into 6 clearly defined steps.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Alan Jenkin recently posted…Dangers of Poor CommunicationMy Profile

    1. Alan, my pleasure I glad you found it useful.

  16. I love the infographics Andy but even prior to that you provided such a comprehensive example of a social media sales funnel. I am saving this one as it has provided me with some great ideas. Thank you for sharing.
    Nathaniel Kidd recently posted…Frugal Ways to Save Money at the Farmers MarketMy Profile

    1. Nathaniel, you are always welcome, I always try and provide value.

    2. Nathaniel, you are always welcome, I always try and provide value.

  17. Nothing like a lengthy piece of GREAT content! Full of awesome information and I learned A TON! Thanks Andy.
    NT Izuchi recently posted…Video Optimization Tips For Faster RankingsMy Profile

    1. NT glad you found it useful, you know you always try to over deliver.

  18. Hi Andy! Wow! What a great infographic! I’ll have to pin this so it it doesn’t get lost. In fact, I think I’ll feature it in my next week’s news magazine. Thanks so much.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Leslie, you have a great magazine.

  19. I love the infographic! It’s a great visual for showing what to do to get those six areas in shape. By the way, Loyalty and Advocacy (the holy grail, as you’ve called it) sound a lot like relationship building, don’t they? The more real our interactions are, the better we will do in the long run.

  20. Great infographic share, Andy.

    I hear people talk about “social media marketing,” but there’s really no such thing. There’s only marketing. Social Media gives us a place to develop marketing strategies, but the basic sales funnels we set up can be marketed effectively in many places. Social Media is just one. Email marketing, webinars, ebooks, products, blogging… these are just a few others. What they all have in common is that to be effective marketing tools, they must be set to funnel our offers.

    Thanks for sharing some great information here, Andy. It’s essential to running a successful online business.

  21. Great post Andy, yeah this is so true I have all of them sorted apart from the sale part yet aha! Well with my current biz ops, but the more I learn, the more confident I am that I can grow a big profitable online business
    sean recently posted…Networking Superstars…What is it?My Profile

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