Straight Talk on Building a Serious Team

I have featured this training from Ray Higdon as I believe you will get great value from it.

Ray is a top income earner in his current company, he gets asked all the time HOW to build a team that sticks.

Whether you’re new to network marketing and haven’t recruited anyone yet, or you’re a seasoned veteran who has recruited many people, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions at least once:

➜ Where can I find good leaders who will duplicate and do the work?

➜ Why are people so excited at first, then they just drop off the planet?

➜ How can I motivate my team to work as hard as I do?

Well, let Ray tell you – he has been both successful and unsuccessful in network marketing. Ray has experienced what good leadership is, and what bad leadership is. He has had teams that have duplicated faster than Ray himself can keep up, and teams that fizzled out in a week.

Ray has learned a little about what works and what doesn’t work…and I’d like to invite you to listen as Ray give syou Straight Talk on Building A Serious Team.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear in this new audio and Study Guide:

  • Ray’s personal experience on how to build a serious team in network marketing. (This is what he teachs all his top leaders and now Ray would like to share it with you!)
  • The “real world” advice Ray learned by interviewing and masterminding with huge team builders like Randy Gage, Jordan Adler and Eric Worre.
  • A BIG mistake most networkers make when they start to feel stuck in their quest for building a team and why it’s a huge waste of time.
  • Why 80% of your teambuilding efforts will come down to one thing…
  • A key concept about setting proper expectations right from the start both with yourself and with new people on your team.
  • How most leaders make the mistake of “climbing into their lifeguard chair” and directing their team…and a step-by-step plan for what you should be doing instead.
  • Should you be a recruiter or a trainer? Knowing the difference will make ALL the difference in how fast your team grows and their level of success.
  • The BIG trap many leaders fall into once they start seeing some success (I’m personally guilty of falling into this trap & had to stop doing this several years ago or I would have kept spinning my wheels and failing…)
  • Small ways your ego can get in the way and prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • Don’t get into “management mode”…do these activities instead! (Some interesting tips you probably have never heard about before, but will be super helpful)
  • My personal step-by-step plan for starting a new team member right – you should copy this and put it into action immediately!
  • Why most training actually FAILS at helping that new team member and how to fix it quickly.
  • The concept of “adherence” – and why you must apply this to every interaction you have with your team.
  • What to do if you don’t agree with the corporate training from your company.
  • Sage advice from the “big dogs” in network marketing on how to create a culture on your team
  • Why some of the most talented people fail in network marketing – how to overcome this huge sticking point so more people on your team succeed.
  • How to “vaccinate” yourself against team members who repeatedly let you down.

This is the second audio training in my new Straight Talk Series and it really digs deep. I’m going to share some things with you that I’m absolutely certain you won’t want to hear, but if you don’t hear them NOW you will absolutely NOT have success in network marketing.

In this audio and study guide, you’re going to have a total mindset shift on what it really takes to build a team and get them moving. You’re also going to walk away with lots of action items you can apply immediately to your business and start seeing results quickly.

This training will benefit you if you’re brand new to network marketing and are just starting to recruit. However, if you’ve been building your business for a while, and feel like you’re on a hamster wheel…where more people are leaving your team than joining…then I can’t encourage you strongly enough to grab this audio right now.

Seriously, nothing is worse than sponsoring people who are unmotivated, lazy, and do nothing but complain that the “money truck” hasn’t backed up to their front door after being in the business for a week, right?!

Let’s stop this now and get you on the path to great leadership, a happy, productive team, with leaders who are making money and winning cars and trips too!



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