7 Replies to “6 Steps to Turn PowerPoint into an Awesome Video Blog”

  1. I love PowerPoint, but I wish Microsoft would change a few things around to make it easier to create PIP at the proper sizes. 🙂

    Whiteboards are gaining in popularity too. I wonder how this will affect those PP presentations at seminars? Your thoughts?

  2. Hi Andy, I appreciate your post but I will have to leave learning PowerPoint for another time!:-) I’ve just learned Twittering using the hash tag. Don’t even know if anyone is receiving my tweets but I tweet anyways. LOL

  3. Hey Andy,

    Great post. Seems like a long time ago now. But doing power points and screen captures was my entry into video marketing until I became more confident. (hard to believe now I know)

    Great read Andy


    1. Thanks Beth, its a good place to start and help you build confidence. It is all about confidence, it is amazing how people can be confident until they stand in front of a camera.

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