Video Killed the Radio Star

By Andy Lockhart

I am a marketer and social media consultant passionate about helping people development themselves and their business. I believe everybody has it in them to succeed at their passion regardless if that is through a Direct Sales Opportunity or a brick and mortar business. Either way I love to see people be successful and I like to take the mystery out of the social media and getting discovered on the internet.

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Andy, I always learn something useful on your site!

Video is an area I am learning. I love the unlimited ways to capture an audience. Your only limitation is your imagination. Unfortunately, this is a huge challenge. Yet, with practice we all can enjoy and learn.

Thanks Andy, for sharing this needed tool.

Hi Andy,

Great post. I agree, video is a major part of success online. I’m finally venturing out and doing some videos. It’s way out of the norm for me but I know I will get better with practice. I have Video Maker FX and I know I have much more to learn about using it.

Hello Andy:

I agree video statistics are proof that video works, people want videos, and people are watching them more now than ever! And, now you can incorporate videos both on Instagram and pin on Pinterest. This wouldn’t be so if videos were not important.

I am putting videos on a higher level of importance for my marketing in 2015. Thanks for the great tools and ideas!



Although I am not one of the many people who like and watch video, I did complete a couple of interesting classes on video creation a couple of months ago. I have targeted the second quarter of 2015 to make it a part of my marketing plan.

LOL, Andy… I am “too old” and my kids are “too young”, but we all know and enjoy that song! This is the first time I’ve seen it as a video. I played it twice. :p

That said… video is not high on my priority list yet, because I would rather listen or read. But I know I can’t go by just what I, or the minority I’m part of, want. It’s good to know I have blogging friends like you, who share they why’s and the wherefore’s and the how-to’s.

Great info Andy!

I am venturing into video as part of my marketing strategy in the first quarter of 2015 and am super excited about it as I have great teachers to learn from – this article is very inspiring. Thank you 🙂

I must confess I’ve never heard of the radio star, but I do appreciate your tips here about video. Up to now my only venture into video has been my book trailers, and at the moment I’m somewhat obsessed with SlideShare, but I’m launching a learning center soon so setting up a unique channel for that is a very real possibility. Thanks for the inspiration!

Video is really critical to your online success, as you point out, Andy.

I do a lot of videos, but mostly for products and private shares. I’ve never optimized my YouTube channel, and I don’t even really use it that much. I do most of my work with a Vimeo Pro channel, and just about everything there is private.

You really make some good sense, though, that a highly optimized YouTube channel could offer much more than just video hosting. It can be a great place to build a following and add folks to your email list. I’m going to rethink this strategy, and I clicked the links in your post to learn how to do that. Nice information.

Thank you Andy… Video marketing is the way for the future for all marketers. Great tips! optimizing your video is the key to having success. I see so many video with no information on the description. Some people do not know they can do a full blog on their video description. I plan to check out your article.

Hi Andy ,
yes, video seems to work good,
I like them if they are not too long .
Will start to make some and will check
out this video maker. I used free ones,
but it is certainly easier with a good
tool to make them.
Thank you

Hi Andy

I love the way you site looks! I love the video above..One of my favourite songs! Having 3 boys at home sometimes it’s really hard trying to climb into the ‘video zone’ so mostly I wait until they have gone to bed then go into the kitchen and get creating. Just using what I have..I’m not doing too bad. I could do better..I know I need to get into making the channels more mobile friendly since it seems 90% of the population is going that way so I might aswell do the changes now before penalization comes in.



I have to come back again…That song! is just so catchy!

I think I read that if you have a video on your website/blog people stay a bit longer than without a video…

Erm..I’m here.. listening and commenting at the same time reliving memories from when I heard that song at other less buy times in my life.

We attach memories to song’s don’t we? Break up songs are linked with upset emotions usually… upbeat loud songs makes us feel empowered..

Early coldplay music makes my partner feel like she is drifting into a coma… I love their early stuff.

Do you attach memories to songs?

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