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  1. I have never heard of Diane before your post, but it would help if you explained what she does, who she helps and how I can benefit from being on the seminar.

    I don’t normally spend 20 minutes watching a video about someone I never met or heard from before, so if you could give me the low down, I would appreciate it. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Andy
    Diane has important things to say. Everything she says I agree with and it all starts from within. Actually it was very bold,, “lying to yourself” that’s was pretty powerful to hear … excellent.. thank you Andy…

  3. A guru Andy no thanks!LOL!

    Personally I’ve got more than enough serving to do,
    to keep me busy!

    I’ve known an followed Diane’s teachings for many years, even though I’m not in her particular industry.

    But she tells it like it is and she doesn’t pull punches! Just the way I like it!LOL!
    She’s a breath of fresh air! And I always learn something meaningful whenever I listen to her!

  4. I’m not one for sitting through long videos but this was an exception. I love listening to Diane. She’s so motivating. I’ve been lying to myself too much and now intend to stop.

    1. Sue, tried to keep the video short and just get some of the power that Diane has and her approach to this whole business. I always learn something from her however many times I listen to her.

      Thanks for the comment Andy

  5. Hi Andy,

    Diane Hochman is an exceptional human being. I met her some years back and used to get super excited to participate in the Million Mind March with Wisdom Master Joe Schroeder with her. I learned so much from her back in those days.

    When he retired and passed the keys to her, she really took off with it and ran..and ran….and ran. I have no doubt that the guru code is a killer course. I am not a fan of hash brown or hash tags but I know she is providing an exceptional value as I have known her for some time and watched her carve her own path for some years now. I consider her to be a friend…the kind that kicks my ass when I need it at times, but no less a friend.

    Jacqueline Waters

  6. Have to agree Diane is a great lady and so down to earth. Loved the webinar on Wednesday but had to slip out after 2 hours and 15 minutes as it was getting late. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Andy. I have known Diane on the web for a number of years. Then I went to Dallas for an event in March, and I was surprised to see that she was one of the speakers on a panel discussion. I got to meet her in person, and she was really delightful.

    I am very tied up with Frank Kern and his Mass Conversion class, so I’m avoiding any more input for now LOL. But I’m sure that Diane will give a lot of useful information in her webinar. You can’t go wrong with Diane.

    All the best,

  8. I’ve never heard of her. I actually have an allergic reaction to the word “guru.” Your goal shouldn’t be to become the next guru, but the go to person that people trust. That’s what makes them up. I don’t like it when people write about how to become a guru. How about, becoming an authority in your niche. How about becoming ‘the most trusted.’

    I know from comments and finally taking a peek at her work that she has it… I just cringe at the word “guru.”

  9. Andy, it is funny that of all the people claiming “guru”ship behind the anonymity of the web, one person who is as close as I know to meeting my definition of guru (yes I did write a blog post on that) is Diane Hochman. My encounters with Diane go back at least five years and have been consistently targeted at developing others knowing, as she taught me, that “what you give away freely you get to keep many time over”. This venture cannot help but be successful – even in spite of my personal distrust of any self-annointed gurus. Namaste, my friend, I bow to the wisdom of the Spirit within you. prp

  10. Thank you for sharing this video interview Andy.

    I am a bit of a fan of Diane’s and am already on her Mentorship Letters mailing list.

    I do enjoy her style of teaching and she always seems to be having so much fun!

    Great interview Andy – and for Bonnie Gean – here in the comments, if you’d listened to the video, Diane explains exactly what she does as Andy interviews her 🙂

    Love your work Andy!

  11. Hi Andy, I am a first time visitor and enjoyed the video with Diane. I am familiar with her, and now I am with you too! I will be signing up to get your blogs each time you make one. Really enjoyed it here! Thanks Andy!

  12. Hi Andy,

    What a great hangout you have done with Diane! She is straight forward and is so knowledgeable. When I seen a 20 minute video my knee jerk reaction was Uggg….but when I seen it was with Diane I watched the whole thing.

    Thanks so much for this valuable interview!


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