What makes people successful?

I listened to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers and found it really interesting. I have the audio book so I can listen to it in my car or when I am stuck on a Malcolm Gladwellplane.

Firstly, you need to spend 10,000 learning your trade, regardless of if you are a brain surgeon, rocket scientist, network marketer, CEO of Microsoft or leading player in the NHL.

So you may think that some of these Outliers are just so unbelievable that there is no way you or I could do that.  Maybe so or may not be.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and founded Microsoft. But actually he had access to a computer terminal from the age of 13.  Big opportunity back in 1968.

So it is not only talent it is timing and opportunity, and that opportunity could be, as Bill Gates had access to a computer terminal in 1968, could be when your were born, the month you were born or where you grow up.


Watch the video as I discuss Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

So don’t measure yourself against the outliers, we all don’t have the same opportunity, but we can make sure we work towards that 10,000 hours and become that expert.

You might not be the same as the outliers in the book, so what are you doing to develop yourself and your business?


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