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  1. Thanks for sharing these resources about Pinterest, Andy. I have an account and I’m active on Pinterest. What I do want to do more is interact with others. I think that’ll be easier now with the message function. I don’t find the commenting/liking to be very interaction-friendly :).

  2. I love Pinterest and have been there since the beginning when you had to get an invitation to join. Sonia’s articles on Pinterest are great and very informative and of course the key to expanding your presence is interaction and to get repinned – a lot. The stats are interesting, always helpful to see some real numbers.

  3. Thank you, Andy, for providing this informative post.

    It is always good to find out more about these platforms to help us getting the most of our presence on them.
    So far I only ‘played’ on pinterest.
    I am hoping to spread the news about the “Knitting for Orphans” with the help of Pinterest, so your information is very timely!


  4. Hi Andy,
    does your wife knit for the boys from the russian orphanage?

    The organization is called ‘Operation Cover up’ (main item is the blanket, lol) and it is part of Mission without Borders. I do have a post about it on my blog.


  5. Andy, I adore Pinterest and it’s a great social media platform for my business. I have gotten clients from my pins and also created some group boards for my fellow food bloggers to pin their recipes and holistic health blog posts on. I am happy you shared this list of great resources and I plan on reading the articles so I can discover more ways to make the most of my Pinterest account. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Hi Andy,

    I’ve been on Pinterest for quite a while now but still fail to get the strategy behind it. I understand pictures are more visual and makes people want to buy but then I read posts about Pinterest removing affiliate links, etc. So how does anyone make a success from Pinterest?

    I guess it’s another thing, “I just don’t get” right now.

  7. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for these precious gems you have given about Pinterest. I’m not currently on that social platform, but like to keep up to date on things there, so when I decide to jump in I can know what I’m doing.


  8. I am a great Pinterest fan, and like any social media site one does have to put in some time there, and form a business strategy. The Smart Feed did move the goalposts somewhat… but like all social media changes.. we have to work around them! Some good resource links, thanks Andy
    Jacs 🙂

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